How I Started As A Design Founder

How I Started As A Design Founder

Learn how I started as a design founder

How I manage my team at while building apps and creating content for my 1M / year startup.

  • Intro
    • Self-funded, 6 years, small team of 14
    • 1M / year revenue, growth for 3 years
  • Product design
    • Inspirations: Apple for design, Stripe for web, YouTube for content
    • Design and feedback driven
    • UX research based on love, usage + analytics, Stack overflow, WWDC + Google for all else
    • Figma & Notion for collaboration, good understanding of dev and constraints
    • Twitter, Email and PH for distribution
  • Hiring
    • If you hate repetitive tasks (a lot of people say “hire the best”? Not for us)
    • Family, early skilled and instructors, Montreal-based salary
    • Can’t compete with cost, help them grow, more skin in the game = longevity + allow for mistakes
    • Start with support, then to design or code
    • Single interview, look for attention to detail & growth
    • Struggle with quality, but make up with speed & harmony
  • Team management
    • 100% Remote
    • Monday meeting
    • Friday presentations for practicing content & feedback
    • What you’re working on + goals + speed = informed decisions
    • Good understanding of design + engineering = best estimates
    • Dev meetings at 11am or 3pm, allow for productivity
    • Tasks on Notion for project management
    • Zoom, Discord, Notion, GitHub, VSCode, Xcode
    • Speed or quality culture, choose your poison
    • Design and code together
    • Team travel once a year to Japan
  • Failures & pivot
    • Writing to video platform
    • Book to online education
    • Sketch to Figma, iOS-only to React + SwiftUI, bc we use them
    • Chase good products, not money
    • Always iterate process
  • Routines and balance
    • 9am to 5pm
    • 8 hours of sleep
    • Weekend study is a choice
    • Flexible hours depend on sprints
    • Passion driven reduces stress
    • Love for difficult tasks, not for sake of being difficult, but for solving problems
    • Having kids prepare for difficulties
    • Want to help, optimistic
    • Always learning


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