Merge Sort Program in Java: Difference Between Merge Sort & Quicksort

Merge Sort Program in Java: Difference Between Merge Sort & Quicksort

In this tutorial, we'll learn Merge Sort Program in Java: Difference Between Merge Sort & Quicksort. Find out carefully. It will help your projects complete quickly.

Introduction to the Merge Sort Program in JAVA

As the name suggests, the merge sort program in JAVA is a sorting algorithm. It has been classically conceptualized as the divide and conquer algorithm in JAVA. The merge sort program in Java works by recursively breaking down an input array into two or more of its constituent sub-problems until these are simple enough to be solved directly. 

The constituent sub-problems can either be similar or somewhat related to the parent problem. The individual solutions to each sub-problem are then combined to attain the solution to the original parent problem. 

How Does the Merge Sort Program in Java Work?

As iterated earlier, the merge sort program in JAVA is a divide and conquer algorithm. It is a stable sort which means that the array elements maintain their original positions relative to each other throughout the sorting process. 

  • Divide: In this step, an input array is divided into its two constituent halves. This step is continually repeated for all the resultant half arrays until there are no more half arrays to divide further.
  • Conquer: In this step, the divided arrays are sorted and merged from bottom to top to reach the final sorted array.

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Merge Sort in Java Example | Java Merge Sort Program

Java merge sort is a type of sorting method in which the array is divided into two halves, and these halves are sorted. After sorting, these halves are merged.