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NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Science With All Subjects | Entrancei

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths helps students to prepare for the board exams and also entrance exams like NEET, JEE and many more. NCERT Solutions for difficult concepts in detail for all exercises. To get free of cost, visit:



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NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Science With All Subjects | Entrancei

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Biology Updated for (2020-21)

To get into NEET, you need to do well in the biology section. Although the ncert 12 biology textbook contains enough information related to the topics that are asked in the exam. You can refer to additional books along with NCERT to improve your training.

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NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Biology Updated for (2020-21)

The NCERT biology class 12 Book, recommended by the CBSE, consists of 16 chapters covering topics such as reproduction, genetics and evolution, genetics and evolution, human biology and well-being, biotechnology and its applications, principles of inheritance and variation, human health and disease , principles and processes of biotechnology, strategies to increase food production, ecosystems and environmental issues, and ecology and the environment.

Entrancei NCERT Solutions for 16 Chapters in Class 12 The NCERT Biology Textbook is available here for students looking to get good grades in the upcoming 2020-21 Board of Directors Exams. And other competitive exams. Students can access the provided NCERT solutions for free in PDF format. Grade 12 lays the foundation for higher education for every student. This makes it the most essential class for any student aspiring to their dream of quality higher education. A good mark in this class equates to a quality higher education. As such, it becomes extremely important for students to improve their 12th grade biology preparation with entrancei NCERT solutions.

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Entrance i

Entrance i


NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Science All subjects|Entrancei

You will learn many new ideas like electricity in physics class 11. The current flow in metals is based on free electrons. In the absence of an electromagnetic field applied to the outside (using a battery), the free electrons move randomly through the metal from one point to another and cause a zero net current .

When connected to a battery, free electrons accelerate due to the electric field generated by the battery and gain speed and energy. However, the passage is not smooth and the electrons collide with the crosslinked ions whose final gain (energy) is the ion. Since we know that body temperature is related to the vibrational energy of these ions, these collisions cause the temperature of the metal to increase. The energy loss of the colliding electrons and their acceleration by the electric field ultimately causes the electrons to drift in a certain direction. (Although the actual movement of the electrons is irregular, the general effect is that the electrons drift.) In addition to this mechanics, the most important part of class 11 physics is where you learn that movement means changing position over time. When a body is at rest, its position does not change over time. But how to describe the position of a body? To do this, we must describe it in relation to another body as a reference.

Rest and movement are therefore relative. A man seated in a car traveling on the highway at 55 km / h is resting relative to a traveling companion while moving relative to a person standing on the highway.

To describe rest and movement, we select a frame of reference, and then describe rest or movement relative to that frame of reference.

There are two types of movements: transnational and rotational.

If a body moves in such a way that it always remains parallel to it throughout the movement, it is translated. When a body moves so that each point on the body maintains a constant distance from a fixed axis in space, the movement is a rotation.

Chapters of Physics class 11 Notes

Chapter 12 Chapter Exam Notes for Class 12 Physics
Chapter 1 - Charges and electric fields
Chapter 2 - Electrostatic potential and capacity
Chapter 3 - Electricity
Chapter 4 - Mobile charge and magnetism
Chapter 5 - Magnetism and matter
Chapter 6 - Electromagnetic induction
Chapter 7 - AC
Chapter 8 - Electromagnetic waves
Chapter 9 - Radiation optics and optical instruments.
Chapter 10 - Wave optics
Chapter 11 - Dual nature of radiation and matter.
Class 12 electricity and electric fields.
Chapter 13 - Hearts
Chapter 14 - Semiconductor electronics: material, components and simple circuits.
Chapter 15 - Communication systems

Why Entrancei for Physics Class 11 Notes

The entry academic team is made up of a team of very experienced teachers who have prepared a special academic resource for physics class 11. We have prepared several sections for class 11 physics for students preparing for JEE and preparing for the CBSE board exam. Our team knows the needs for class 11 physical resources and how to use them. You can get detailed physical notes for class 11 chapter by chapter with additional resolved and unresolved examples. Each chapter of class 11 physics notes consists of one to five exercises with objective questions that improve the learning of the chapters. Ncert solutions for class 11 will help you pass the exam prepared by our academic team. On the same page, you will find an online questionnaire chapter by page for physics in class 11. The model of the online questionnaire is similar to that of exam management. In addition to these resources, you can read important questions for class 11 physics and various segments for class 11 physics formulas. In addition to the resource mentioned above for class 11 physics, you can download documents from the previous year, examples of documents for class 11 physics, key chemical formulas and a list of name reactions in organic chemistry. In the section on chemistry questions, you will find many class 11 physics questions that have been answered using examples.
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Entrance i

Entrance i


NCERT solutions for class 9 All subjects|Entrancei

Biology (Gk. Bios-life and logos-to speech) is the branch of science that deals with the scientific study of life. It depends on other sciences (such as physics and chemistry) and has therefore become a multidisciplinary and multidimensional scientific branch. Biology is better known as “life sciences” because it seeks to understand how living things interact with other “living” and “non-living” things.
Precisely, biology is research, an ongoing investigation into the nature of life. Biology, being an important branch of science, requires a scientific approach to understand and obtain precise results.

• The term “biology” was coined by Lamarck and Treviranus in 1802.
• Aristotle is known as “father of biology and zoology”.
• Theophrastus is known as the “father of botany”.
• Microorganisms were first observed by A.V. Leeuwenhoek but Louis Pasteur is considered to be the father of microbiology.
• Emil von Behring (Germany) was the first Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine to receive this prize in 1901 for serum therapy against “diphtheria”

Chapters cover in class 9 Biology

Chapter 1 - The fundamental unit of life
This chapter will help you discover the cell as the basic unit of life. Biology experts will give you step-by-step answers to explain concepts like eukaryotic cells, prokaryotic cells, chloroplast, Golgi apparatus, chromosomes, nuclei, etc.

Chapter 2 - Fabrics
Get answers on plant and animal tissue Chapter 2, Tissue. Discover the permanent and meristematic fabrics. Understand the structure of tissues and write precise answers to questions related to this concept.

Chapter 3 - Diversity of living organisms
This chapter explores concepts of biological diversity, such as groups of plants and groups of animals. Find NCERT expert solutions with explanations on angiosperms, bacteria, bryophytes, chordates, non-chordates and more.

Chapter 4 - Why are we sick?
Find out what it means to be healthy and unhealthy. Get complete answers about the causes of the disease and how you can lead a healthy life. In this chapter, learn about diseases, causes of diseases and infectious diseases.

Chapter 5 - Natural Resources
Understand the importance of resources such as air, water and soil. Write answers about geochemical cycles in nature. This chapter also deals with types of pollution and methods of pollution control to avoid possible damage.

Chapter 6 - Improving Food Resources
Explore concepts such as animal husbandry, the use of fertilizers, and ways to protect crops from pests. Find answers to questions about crop improvement, crop protection, agricultural production, etc. Also discover the basic concepts and the importance of organic farming in this chapter on biology.

Why Entrancei for CBSE class 9 Biology

The entry academic team is made up of a team of very experienced teachers who have prepared a dedicated academic resource for class 9 biology. Our team understands the resource requirements for class 9 biology and its use. You can get a detailed chapter of class 9 biology notes with the addition of resolved and unresolved examples. Each chapter of class 9 biology notes consists of one to 5 exercises with objective type questions that have improved your learning from the chapters. NCERT solutions for class 9 will help you excel in the exam prepared by our academic team. On the same page, you will get an online quiz for biology class 9. The model of the online questionnaire is similar to that of the body of the exam. In addition to these resources, you can refer to the Important questions for class 9 biology and to the different segments for class 9 biology formulas.
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Uriah  Dietrich

Uriah Dietrich


How To Build A Data Science Career In 2021

For this week’s data science career interview, we got in touch with Dr Suman Sanyal, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at NIIT University. In this interview, Dr Sanyal shares his insights on how universities can contribute to this highly promising sector and what aspirants can do to build a successful data science career.

With industry-linkage, technology and research-driven seamless education, NIIT University has been recognised for addressing the growing demand for data science experts worldwide with its industry-ready courses. The university has recently introduced B.Tech in Data Science course, which aims to deploy data sets models to solve real-world problems. The programme provides industry-academic synergy for the students to establish careers in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Students with skills that are aligned to new-age technology will be of huge value. The industry today wants young, ambitious students who have the know-how on how to get things done,” Sanyal said.

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