Dart Beginners Course: Collections

Dart Beginners Course: Collections

In this Dart tutorial beginners shows how to work with collections in Dart (lists, sets, maps).

This tutorial shows how to work with collections in Dart (lists, sets, maps).


  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:29 - Section intro
  • 01:20 - Lists
  • 05:23 - Exercise: Sum of the items in a list
  • 06:28 - List methods
  • 10:07 - Type annotations with lists
  • 12:03 - Using var, final, const with lists
  • 14:31 - Sets
  • 18:21 - Exercise: Sets
  • 20:33 - Maps
  • 25:32 - The as operator
  • 27:07 - The null value
  • 28:35 - Iterating on maps
  • 31:34 - Exercise: Pizza Ordering
  • 34:03 - Nested Collections
  • 35:46 - Exercise: Restaurant ratings
  • 37:37 - Collection-if
  • 40:27 - Collection-for
  • 42:04 - Spreads
  • 45:11 - Exercise: Shopping List
  • 47:27 - Copying collections
  • 52:24 - The End

Supporting GitHub project: https://github.com/bizz84/dart-course-materials

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