BI tools: 7 Tools for Superior Business Intelligence in 2020

BI tools: 7 Tools for Superior Business Intelligence in 2020

BI tools offer powerful collaboration features that make it possible for users to share data analytics & reports via email or third-party apps. In this tutorial, we'll learn BI tools: 7 Tools for Superior Business Intelligence in 2020.

As companies continue to grow, making sense of the massive volumes of data they collect over time becomes challenging. Key decision-makers and higher-ups require intelligent data and analytics tools to make informed, profitable decisions.

Business intelligence (BI) tools help companies collect, analyze, monitor and predict all sorts of business scenarios. They do this by identifying trends, providing data visualizations, and offering real-time self-service data analysis that users can base their decisions on.

More specifically, decision-makers can use BI tools to merge and prepare datasets from disparate sources, often unstructured and in different formats. They can then use the tools to visualize insights in interactive, embeddable dashboards. As compared to the older generation of enterprise BI software, new self-service BI makes it easy for IT to set line-of-business users (also known as “citizen analysts”) up with their own software environments that they can work in on their own.

Users no longer need to have a lot of technical knowledge or the ability to code queries. The key benefit of this is that line-of-business users require minimal IT involvement and they’re able to make informed decisions faster leading to increased profits for the company.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best tools for business intelligence and highlight their standout features.

1. **[Sisense**](

2. **[Tableau**](

3. **[Domo**](

4. **[Clear Analytics BI**](

5. **[Microsoft Power BI**](


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