Army of the Dead 2021 action film watch on Netflix

Army of the Dead 2021 action film watch on Netflix

Everything you need to know about Netflix's 'Army of the Dead' film including Zack Snyder’s new killin’-zombies full movie online for free.

When filmmaker Zack Snyder and his producer (and wife) Deborah Snyder took their original zombie movie “Army of the Dead” to Netflix, the streaming giant offered them plenty that other studios (including the Snyders’ long-time home, Warner Bros.) balked at: a guaranteed, multi-pronged new franchise. As Deborah Snyder explained to IndieWire earlier this month, “I don’t think would have been made had it not been for Netflix. Everyone has to make these safe choices and I feel with the streaming services, they’re a little bit more bold and brash, and I think that’s really good for filmmakers.”

When Netflix signed on to the Snyders’ new project, they also greenlit a pair of prequels, including a film and an anime series, right out of the gate. The film prequel, “Army of Thieves,” was filmed during the pandemic (directed by “Army of the Dead” co-star Matthias Schweighöfer, who also stars in it) and will hit Netflix later this year. “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas,” the anime series, Snyder has developed alongside Jay Oliva and will reunite most of the film’s cast to give voice to their characters. Snyder himself directed two episodes of the series.

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