Richie  Hilpert

Richie Hilpert


TestProject X – Breaking Barriers in Test Automation

This live webinar is an exciting reveal of TestProject X - breaking the biggest barriers in test automation today. Starting from version 3.x you can achieve parallel test execution on a single Agent, across multiple targets and without any Docker or Selenium Grid required!

In addition, you now have built-in integration with GitHub to:

  • Synchronize entire projects with GitHub
  • Seamlessly keep and access test history
  • Run any previous test versions using TestProject CLI
  • Import various test versions back into TestProject
  • See what has changed in your tests directly on GitHub
  • Integrate your CI flow directly into GitHub repos

This major release enables you to drastically reduce time to market and simplifies fast release cycles for everyone - no matter your skillset. TestProject 3.0 aligns your testing teams to fast paced agile development cycles and enhances the collaboration between testers and developers.

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TestProject X – Breaking Barriers in Test Automation