Serverless CI/CD on the AWS Cloud

To set up a serverless CI/CD pipeline in your AWS environments, there are several key services that you need to use. Find out more here.

AWS Master Courses | Databases In The Cloud With AWS RDS | Simpliv

Learn about Amazon Relational Database Service (or Amazon RDS), a distributed relational database service by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Learn to demonstrate some key features and guidelines you need to know to get started with it. Simpliv’s expert Manuj Aggarwal brings you all this at just $9.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Before dipping that first toe in the cloud migration, think of devising the transition plan. 6Rs Migration Technique has become a staple of cloud migration strategy.

ServiceNow and AWS: Bringing IT best practices to AWS Cloud

**The Challenge** Cloud computing offers organizations the opportunity to increase competitiveness and improve agility. This is why organizations in all industry verticals are turning to public cloud solutions to accelerate innovation, expand...

AWS Tutorial | AWS Training | Learn AWS In 12 Hours | AWS Full Course

AWS Tutorial | AWS Training | Learn AWS In 12 Hours | AWS Full Course - A comprehensive guide in helping you master fundamental and core concepts of Cloud Computing and AWS in particular. Quick Introduction to AWS. Cloud Foundations Understanding classical enterprise. Cloud Benefits vs On-premise. Private and Public Cloud. Hybrid Cloud. Cloud Foundry. Containers on Cloud. Compute and Organization in AWS. Public IP on Cloud. Identity and Access Management. High Availability in AWS Elasticity. Elasticity CLI Snapshot