Best Slots to Play | Best Online Slots 2020 - Star Slots

Best Slots to Play | Best Online Slots 2020 - Star Slots

A comperhensive guide for new online slot players, accompanied with some of the top picks that one can make in 2019 when it comes to gambling.

Best online slots to play at a casino site

People have enjoyed wagering against each other since the dawn of time. From the ancient Chinese, through the Roman era, to the first real casinos in 17th Century Italy, wherever and whenever people have lived together, they’ve gambled and wagered.

But nowadays, something else has made gambling even more accessible: the internet. With a personal laptop and a Wi-Fi code, you don’t even need to leave the house anymore to find someone to wager against. Gambling and the internet go hand in hand and there’s no looking back. Game play is normally set to a high standard, the rules are simple, and the play is addictive. What’s more, on a typical casino site, the bonuses and prizes are virtually limitless.

What makes a top online slot to play?

If you type ‘online casinos’ into any search engine, you’ll get hundreds of results. Because of the number of online casinos that exist, it’s important to gauge what makes a good site, and how to avoid the less reputable or less secure ones.

Clearly, your security is fundamental whenever your money is involved. Any online casinos that don’t operate with a licence from the UK Gambling Commission are a red flag.

Besides, playing the best online slots won’t bring any enjoyment at all if the house is always programmed to win. One of the most frequently asked questions when rating the best online casinos is whether they’re genuinely fair. Occasionally, there are reports in the media that online casinos operate using manipulated seals.

But the best sites will avoid this for various reasons. The main reason is the use of a random number generator (also referred to as RNG) which determines the probability of winning, It differs for each individual game played on the site and as a result, each game is unique despite the increased automation involved.

Customers who regularly use online casinos also list a wide choice of games as a must. Variety is the spice of life, and a decent selection of well-designed games will act as a good first impression for people trying out the site.

Good design means clear and easy navigation, with a user-friendly layout and a simple registration process. In addition to this, having a live-chat function to offer instantaneous support provides peace of mind to users who are ready to play.

Lastly, a great site will offer great prizes. The more generous and versatile the promotions are, the higher the number of users. It’s all about being consistent too. There’s no point in an online casino offering lucrative welcome promotions to new customers, only to then ignore rewarding their regular users.

Most played online slot games from 2019

We can see by looking at the highest rated online slot games from last year that there are some strong candidates to choose from. Cleopatra – This online slot is a 5-reel 20-payline classic casino game which is popular across the world. Zuma Slots – This slots game is a 5-reel that features Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins. Three frog symbols will trigger the bonus round. Double Bubble - Double Bubble has two bonus rounds and a top pay-out of 20,000 times your coin size. Gonzo’s Quest – This is a 5-reel, 20 pay line slot game where lining up 5 identical symbols will mean high pay-outs. Final thoughts on this year’s best online slots

This year has been an unprecedented year for the unexpected. Many people’s lives have changed over the last 11 months and lots of us have to think about how things will change for us over the long term. Most of us have had increased time at home mixed with a fundamental need to keep our minds off the constant changes we’re seeing politically and socially. As a result, online casinos have had an encouraging year.

But, based on the sheer number of visits to each site and the best rewards on offer to the users, 2020’s best online slot games are as follows.

Goblin’s Cave (2679 visits from Jan – Aug 2020)

This is a 3-reel slot with 3 pay-lines and bets up to €1,500. It offers a great feature that allows you to hold certain symbols to increase your chances of winning each time. Starting at anywhere between 0.05£ and £30 per spin, if the symbols line up in your favour, you can walk away with a pay-out of up to 150x. It’s old-school, offers great rewards and 2020’s most popular slot game!

Starburst (1683 visits from Jan – Aug 2020)

Simplicity is key and this simple online slot game is played across 5 reels and has up to 10 pay-lines active. It can help you complete a winning combination of symbols and trigger free re-spins.

Sunrise Reels (1189 visits from Jan – Aug 2020)

This classic 3-reel slot has 5 pay-lines and the jackpot can pay out up to 12,000 credits, which no doubt accounts for its popularity!

Private Eye (1166 visits from Jan – Aug 2020)

Known for its sophisticated graphics, Private Eye features 5 reels and an incredible 243 ways to win. This means there are plenty of winning opportunities for customers looking for pay-outs.

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