FIDO2 Authentication Standard

FIDO2 Authentication Standard

LoginRadius's Fast Identity Online offers a passwordless experience with progressive authentication and better usability-aided protection.

LoginRadius announces support for Fast Identity Online

As cyber threats and data breaches are promptly increasing awareness within businesses to secure and protect their consumer data or information has become critical.

So to strengthen businesses, LoginRadius has launched configurable support for FIDO2. This component aims to improve the security, usability, and assurance of consumer’s data. It offers a passwordless login system where consumers can easily authenticate themselves through single-factor, two-factor, or multi-factor authentication.

LoginRadius offers the following highlights:

Configurable hardware keys & biometrics for FIDO2. Simple integration with top FIDO2 hardware key suppliers. Support for the web, mobile, & IoT environments.

In this datasheet, you will learn how Fast Identity Online offered by LoginRadius offers a passwordless involvement with progressive validation and better security supported by usability.

Original Source: Fido2 Authentication Standard Datasheet

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