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Using HSL Colors In CSS

In this article, Ahmad Shadeed explains what HSL is, how to use it, and shares some of the useful use-cases and examples that you can use right away in your current projects.

From my experience, most of the colors I see people using in CSS are hex and RGB. Recently, I’ve started seeing more usage of HSL colors, however, I still think that the full potential of HSL is overlooked. With the help of this article, I’d like to show you how HSL can truly help us work better with colors in CSS.


Usually, we use hexadecimal color codes (hex colors) which are fine, but they have a couple of issues:

  • They are limiting;
  • They’re hard to understand from reading them.

By “limited”, I mean that it’s not easy to alter the color without opening a color wheel and picking a color yourself. Adding on that, it’s not easy to guess what color is from looking at the hex code.

Consider the following figure:

Figure 1

(Large preview)

I picked a hex color for a sky blue, and a darker one. Notice that the hex colors are not related to each other. It’s hard to tell that they are both blue but with different shades.

In a real-life scenario, you might need to create a lighter or darker shade of a color to quickly test or validate something. With hex colors, this isn’t possible until you open the color picker.

Thankfully, HSL colors can help us in solving this specific problem, and it opens a lot of possibilities for us.

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Using HSL Colors In CSS