Laravel Valet Lite

Laravel Valet Lite

Valet Lite is a GUI-based local development platform for macOS. You can easily manage Laravel and WordPress environments without the hassle of Homebrew.

David Hemphill is working on Valet Lite, dubbed as “the easiest local development platform for macOS.” It touts a GUI for managing local development servers with all the dependencies built-in. No more managing Homebrew and multiple PHP versions on your Mac.

Its main features at launch (more on that in a second) will include:

  • No need for Homebrew (Valet Lite handles the webserver and PHP for you)
  • Serves Laravel and WordPress projects
  • Comes with multiple PHP versions bundled
  • Intelligently handles choosing ports for your servers
  • Serves all sites with SSL by default
  • Automatically serves your sites at .test domains
  • Supports Dark Mode (of course!)

Valet Lite isn’t quite available yet, but if you’d like to get the most up-to-date info and a beta invite, sign up for the Valet Lite Beta Insiders newsletter. I know I’m excited to see what David has in store for Laravel and PHP developers!


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