How to Prepare for an AIX Migration to the Cloud

Moving AIX workloads to the cloud requires mapping resources to the correct cloud equivalent, then moving the images through one of multiple techniques.

When moving your AIX workloads from on-premise to the cloud, there are two big-ticket items to initially consider for planning and execution:

  1. Mapping resources from on-prem to the cloud equivalent.
  2. Techniques for the actual movement of the images.

Mapping Resources

First, get a list of all the LPARs that are candidates for migration and capture the essential attributes like CPU allocation, memory, storage, IOPS, and expected network bandwidth required for each server. If you attempt to do a straight “lift and shift,” you may or may not be able to do an exact mapping in a pure self-service model. Why? Because cloud vendors typically have “safety caps” on some resources that prevent an untrained cloud user or a run-away automation script from doing unwanted actions.

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How to Prepare for an AIX Migration to the Cloud