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MongoDB Libbson: A BSON Utility Library


ARCHIVED - libbson is now maintained in a subdirectory of the libmongoc project: https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-c-driver/tree/master/src/libbson

libbson is a library providing useful routines related to building, parsing, and iterating BSON documents.

Documentation / Support / Feedback

The documentation is available at http://mongoc.org/. For issues with, questions about, or feedback for libbson, please look into our support channels. Please do not email any of the libbson developers directly with issues or questions - you're more likely to get an answer on the mongodb-user list on Google Groups.

Bugs / Feature Requests

Think you’ve found a bug? Want to see a new feature in libbson? Please open a case in our issue management tool, JIRA:

Bug reports in JIRA for all driver projects (i.e. CDRIVER, CSHARP, JAVA) and the Core Server (i.e. SERVER) project are public.

How To Ask For Help

If you are having difficulty building libbson after reading the below instructions, please email the mongodb-user list to ask for help. Please include in your email all of the following information:

  • The output of ./autogen.sh or ./configure (depending on whether you are building from a repository checkout or from a tarball). The output starting from "libbson was configured with the following options" is sufficient.
  • The text of the error you encountered.

Failure to include the relevant information will result in additional round-trip communications to ascertain the necessary details, delaying a useful response.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you’ve identified a security vulnerability libbson or any other MongoDB project, please report it according to the instructions here.

C Compiler and version.

  • Examples: GCC 4.8.2, MSVC 2013 Express, clang 3.4, XCode 5

Host OS, version, and architecture.

  • Examples: Windows 8 64-bit x86, Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit x86, OS X Mavericks

The version of libbson you are trying to build (branch or tag).

  • Examples: master branch, 1.2.1 tag

Author: mongodb
Source Code: https://github.com/mongodb/libbson
License: Apache-2.0 License

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MongoDB Libbson: A BSON Utility Library

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