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DeFi Exchange Development - Create Your Own DeFi Crypto Exchange

Decentralized Finance has emerged as a groundbreaking solution that provides a high level of efficiency and transparency to every business. Moreover, implementing this blockchain-based mechanism has now become very easy with the help of rapidly increasing DeFi exchange development globally. In this article, we will explore different aspects of this technology and will try to tell its benefits in as many details as possible. So let us start with the very basic question.

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What do you mean by a DeFi exchange?

If you are familiar with the term ‘exchange’ and its working, then you just have to be familiar with the other word. The concept of decentralized finance aka DeFi introduces you to a unique financial modus operandi.

If you have already assumed that the ambit of this solution is limited to your transactions, then you are absolutely wrong. It actually goes beyond that helps you optimize every single aspect of your enterprise.

But when we combine this pioneering framework with an exchange, things become very specific in relation to trading. The decentralized method brings matchless transparency in every transaction and it helps you get better insights about the markets as well.

When you trade cryptos, you require a more reliable system for buying and selling a digital asset. With this particular mechanism, it becomes possible for you to delve deeper into blockchain and extract the benefits.

How does my business get benefits from a DeFi exchange?

If you have been thinking about launching your own business, then you already know that a large number of entrepreneurs have developed a propensity towards this niche. A crypto exchange can help you buy and sell cryptos either on a centralized or a decentralized structure.

The defi variant takes this to a level ahead, it allows you to trade over a system that is decentralized to the core. With this framework, you can make the exchange of tokens more efficient than ever.

By launching a DeFi exchange, you offer much better options to the increasing fold of crypto holders. Moreover, you allow the traders to explore a different space without putting their assets at risk. This structure helps you get one step ahead on every front, it enables you to strategize every move while removing the technical frailties.

Once you become familiar with this domain, you get better functionality and deliver some great results to the frequent exchanging of digital tokens.

Here are some notable benefits that a DeFi exchange delivers:

• It enables the traders to place the transactions in a 100% decentralized environment.
• It eradicates all the intermediaries and reduces or nullifies the charges over transactions.
• It gives a well-structured system to settle the purchases and selling of any token.
• The nodes and the algorithm ensures that there are absolutely no flaws at any step.
• Along with the blockchain, you get benefits from the other decentralized solutions as well.
• The level of transparency is unmatched and you get to enhance it on many fronts.
• There is absolutely no defect in the transaction and the entire structure ensures that.
• No matter how many transactions you have to execute, the results are always accurate.
• Besides the volume, the quality of the transactions also remains immaculate with many high-end features.
• By implementing this system, you get a high level of efficacy that reaches every single user.

Why should I take a risk of starting a DeFi exchange?

You should ask this question before putting your money in any business and a DeFi exchange makes no difference. Though we will tell you the reasons but keep in mind, no other explanation can convince you better than your own research.

Since the advent of Bitcoin, the number of crypto users has been rising and recently, the original crypto hit the highest price ever. All these events indicate that cryptocurrency will soon become a mainstream solution.

The crypto trading market is already gaining lots of traction and it will only get better with time. Thus, we can say that the future of a DeFi exchange that delivers much better services is certainly very bright. You might think that there must be a large number of entrepreneurs who are planning the same and the competition might cause a failure as well.

If you look at the increasing number of crypto users, you will not be very frightened about the future of any crypto-based venture.

How should I hire developers for creating a tailor-made DeFi exchange?

Needless to mention, you will have to work with experts who have already built exemplary applications using this technology. You need to understand that the platform has to be very user-friendly and intuitive. Just introducing an exchange using new technology is not enough, you also need to make sure that the true benefits are made accessible to the users. That is only possible when you pay heed to the overall structure and emphasize the user-experience.

When you hire developers for your exchange, you need to choose the well-versed professionals who have the know-how to deliver the kind of results you require. This is made possible by monitoring the entire recruitment process and ensuring that you handpick the most talented professionals.

You also have to be wiser and pick people who don’t have to be necessarily best but those who are appropriately trained. Then only, you can save yourself from splurging money and get precisely what you require.


With Technoloader, you can have excellent DeFi exchange development solutions that will play a pivotal role in the growth of your enterprise. Our developers give you a custom-built program that materializes your vision and gives you much more than you expect.

We work on every project after doing a thorough research and ensure that your requirements are met. To make this possible, we are ready to go to any extent and always end up satisfying our valued clients. Our services and products provide you a firm base and let your startup become a successful venture.

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DeFi Exchange Development  -  Create Your Own DeFi Crypto Exchange
Eva Watson

Eva Watson


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Eva Watson


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Easter  Deckow

Easter Deckow


PyTumblr: A Python Tumblr API v2 Client



Install via pip:

$ pip install pytumblr

Install from source:

$ git clone
$ cd pytumblr
$ python install


Create a client

A pytumblr.TumblrRestClient is the object you'll make all of your calls to the Tumblr API through. Creating one is this easy:

client = pytumblr.TumblrRestClient(
) # Grabs the current user information

Two easy ways to get your credentials to are:

  1. The built-in tool (if you already have a consumer key & secret)
  2. The Tumblr API console at
  3. Get sample login code at

Supported Methods

User Methods # get information about the authenticating user
client.dashboard() # get the dashboard for the authenticating user
client.likes() # get the likes for the authenticating user
client.following() # get the blogs followed by the authenticating user

client.follow('') # follow a blog
client.unfollow('') # unfollow a blog, reblogkey) # like a post
client.unlike(id, reblogkey) # unlike a post

Blog Methods

client.blog_info(blogName) # get information about a blog
client.posts(blogName, **params) # get posts for a blog
client.avatar(blogName) # get the avatar for a blog
client.blog_likes(blogName) # get the likes on a blog
client.followers(blogName) # get the followers of a blog
client.blog_following(blogName) # get the publicly exposed blogs that [blogName] follows
client.queue(blogName) # get the queue for a given blog
client.submission(blogName) # get the submissions for a given blog

Post Methods

Creating posts

PyTumblr lets you create all of the various types that Tumblr supports. When using these types there are a few defaults that are able to be used with any post type.

The default supported types are described below.

  • state - a string, the state of the post. Supported types are published, draft, queue, private
  • tags - a list, a list of strings that you want tagged on the post. eg: ["testing", "magic", "1"]
  • tweet - a string, the string of the customized tweet you want. eg: "Man I love my mega awesome post!"
  • date - a string, the customized GMT that you want
  • format - a string, the format that your post is in. Support types are html or markdown
  • slug - a string, the slug for the url of the post you want

We'll show examples throughout of these default examples while showcasing all the specific post types.

Creating a photo post

Creating a photo post supports a bunch of different options plus the described default options * caption - a string, the user supplied caption * link - a string, the "click-through" url for the photo * source - a string, the url for the photo you want to use (use this or the data parameter) * data - a list or string, a list of filepaths or a single file path for multipart file upload

#Creates a photo post using a source URL
client.create_photo(blogName, state="published", tags=["testing", "ok"],

#Creates a photo post using a local filepath
client.create_photo(blogName, state="queue", tags=["testing", "ok"],
                    tweet="Woah this is an incredible sweet post [URL]",

#Creates a photoset post using several local filepaths
client.create_photo(blogName, state="draft", tags=["jb is cool"], format="markdown",
                    data=["/Users/johnb/path/to/my/image.jpg", "/Users/johnb/Pictures/kittens.jpg"],
                    caption="## Mega sweet kittens")

Creating a text post

Creating a text post supports the same options as default and just a two other parameters * title - a string, the optional title for the post. Supports markdown or html * body - a string, the body of the of the post. Supports markdown or html

#Creating a text post
client.create_text(blogName, state="published", slug="testing-text-posts", title="Testing", body="testing1 2 3 4")

Creating a quote post

Creating a quote post supports the same options as default and two other parameter * quote - a string, the full text of the qote. Supports markdown or html * source - a string, the cited source. HTML supported

#Creating a quote post
client.create_quote(blogName, state="queue", quote="I am the Walrus", source="Ringo")

Creating a link post

  • title - a string, the title of post that you want. Supports HTML entities.
  • url - a string, the url that you want to create a link post for.
  • description - a string, the desciption of the link that you have
#Create a link post
client.create_link(blogName, title="I like to search things, you should too.", url="",
                   description="Search is pretty cool when a duck does it.")

Creating a chat post

Creating a chat post supports the same options as default and two other parameters * title - a string, the title of the chat post * conversation - a string, the text of the conversation/chat, with diablog labels (no html)

#Create a chat post
chat = """John: Testing can be fun!
Renee: Testing is tedious and so are you.
John: Aw.
client.create_chat(blogName, title="Renee just doesn't understand.", conversation=chat, tags=["renee", "testing"])

Creating an audio post

Creating an audio post allows for all default options and a has 3 other parameters. The only thing to keep in mind while dealing with audio posts is to make sure that you use the external_url parameter or data. You cannot use both at the same time. * caption - a string, the caption for your post * external_url - a string, the url of the site that hosts the audio file * data - a string, the filepath of the audio file you want to upload to Tumblr

#Creating an audio file
client.create_audio(blogName, caption="Rock out.", data="/Users/johnb/Music/my/new/sweet/album.mp3")

#lets use soundcloud!
client.create_audio(blogName, caption="Mega rock out.", external_url="")

Creating a video post

Creating a video post allows for all default options and has three other options. Like the other post types, it has some restrictions. You cannot use the embed and data parameters at the same time. * caption - a string, the caption for your post * embed - a string, the HTML embed code for the video * data - a string, the path of the file you want to upload

#Creating an upload from YouTube
client.create_video(blogName, caption="Jon Snow. Mega ridiculous sword.",

#Creating a video post from local file
client.create_video(blogName, caption="testing", data="/Users/johnb/testing/ok/")

Editing a post

Updating a post requires you knowing what type a post you're updating. You'll be able to supply to the post any of the options given above for updates.

client.edit_post(blogName, id=post_id, type="text", title="Updated")
client.edit_post(blogName, id=post_id, type="photo", data="/Users/johnb/mega/awesome.jpg")

Reblogging a Post

Reblogging a post just requires knowing the post id and the reblog key, which is supplied in the JSON of any post object.

client.reblog(blogName, id=125356, reblog_key="reblog_key")

Deleting a post

Deleting just requires that you own the post and have the post id

client.delete_post(blogName, 123456) # Deletes your post :(

A note on tags: When passing tags, as params, please pass them as a list (not a comma-separated string):

client.create_text(blogName, tags=['hello', 'world'], ...)

Getting notes for a post

In order to get the notes for a post, you need to have the post id and the blog that it is on.

data = client.notes(blogName, id='123456')

The results include a timestamp you can use to make future calls.

data = client.notes(blogName, id='123456', before_timestamp=data["_links"]["next"]["query_params"]["before_timestamp"])

Tagged Methods

# get posts with a given tag
client.tagged(tag, **params)

Using the interactive console

This client comes with a nice interactive console to run you through the OAuth process, grab your tokens (and store them for future use).

You'll need pyyaml installed to run it, but then it's just:

$ python

and away you go! Tokens are stored in ~/.tumblr and are also shared by other Tumblr API clients like the Ruby client.

Running tests

The tests (and coverage reports) are run with nose, like this:

python test

Author: tumblr
Source Code:
License: Apache-2.0 license

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Eva Watson

Eva Watson


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