Here’s Why Flutter Is Now Ready for Enterprise App Development

Here’s Why Flutter Is Now Ready for Enterprise App Development

Is Flutter ready for enterprise app development? Here’s Why Flutter is now ready for enterprise app development. 7 metrics show Flutter’s promising future in the enterprise space. This article will help you understand why Flutter is now ready to empower Enterprise apps. Whether it’s actually a good development tool for enterprise-grade mobile applications.

7 metrics show Flutter’s promising future in the enterprise space.

Is Flutter ready for enterprise app development? That has been one of the most repeated questions raised by developers for a long time. But after it came out from Beta, this platform has shown a lot of promise and provided an overwhelming number of native features that make app development easier for native apps.

While it is true that the mobile app development market is shifting towards a powerful app development process experience, one of the major obstacles is the division between iOS and Android app development. Since users of both operating systems are available all across the world, enterprises must be mindful of this while targeting their audiences to make sure that their brand does not leave out any of the market.

This article will help you understand why Flutter is ready to empower enterprises.

When Google announced Flutter’s first stable release (1.0) back in 2018, it was tempting to try to determine whether it’s actually a good development tool for enterprise-grade mobile applications.

Fast-forward to today, and I’m proud of my decision to try Flutter for enterprise app development.

I know many of you are wondering why Flutter is gaining hype for app development since its pitch is no different than that of any other cross-platform development tool that delivers native iOS and Android apps. Build once, deploy everywhere!

Unlike others, I avoid getting caught up in these statements!

In the span of a year, there are now over 4,000 libraries supporting Flutter apps. Medium, YouTube, Stack Overflow, and more are overflowing with content suggesting that Flutter can help you create a wide variety of applications for different business niches.

Flutter is king — or at least it will be when it comes to enterprise app development solutions. This is not just my opinion but an overwhelming anthem of voices arising from the mobile app development industry.

As per Google,  500,000 developers use its software development kit monthly.

And, Flutter’s SDK, which is the  second-fastest-growing project on GitHub, makes it outshine its competitors in the industry. All this points to a thriving community that is eager to share, grow, and improve Flutter!

Will all these facts, now it’s time to determine whether or not Flutter and its libraries are ready to build enterprise mobile apps in 2021.

Before we get straight into the requirements that you may need for developing particular enterprise Android apps that I have worked on, my simple aim is to find at least one Flutter solution for each requirement that makes you believe that Flutter is actually now ready to build enterprise apps with little to no hybrid code requirement.

Of course, the business app requirements vary according to the projects, so the result may vary at the end.

Let’s begin with a quick introduction to Flutter.

An Overview of the Framework

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit widely used for cross-platform application development. By using its single code base, mobile app development companies can create various types of applications ranging from simple chat apps to on-demand grocery apps. What makes it different from other frameworks is that Flutter apps are written in Google’s object-oriented programming language called Dart.

Google has chosen Dart while keeping four considerations in mind:

  • Productivity
  • Faster allocation
  • Object orientation
  • High performance

Enterprise-Grade Mobile Applications

1. Layered Architecture To Ensure Better Functionality

2. Development Environment for Native Android and iOS Application

3. User Interface

4. Hardware Feature Requirements

5. Mobile App Security

6. Miscellaneous Requirements

7. Flutter’s Cross-Platform Support Beyond iOS and Android

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