Lightning-Fast Kubernetes Networking with Calico and VPP

Public cloud infrastructures and microservices are pushing the limits of resources and service delivery beyond what was imaginable until very recently. To keep up with the demand, network infrastructures and network technologies had to evolve as well. Software-defined networking (SDN) is the pinnacle of advancement in cloud networking. By using SDN, developers can deliver an optimized, flexible networking experience that can adapt to the growing demands of their clients.

This article will discuss how Tigera’s new Vector Packet Processing (VPP) data plane fits into this landscape and share some benchmark details about its performance. Then, it will demonstrate how to run a VPP-equipped cluster using AWS public cloud and secure it with Internet Protocol Security (IPsec).

Introduction to Vector Packet Processing

Project Calico is an open source networking and security solution. Although it focuses on securing Kubernetes networking, Calico can also be used with OpenStack and other workloads. Calico uses a modular data plane that allows a flexible approach to networking, providing a solution for both current and future networking needs.

VPP is an easily extensible, kernel-independent, highly optimized and blazing-fast open source data plane project that operates between layer 2 and layer 4 of the OSI model.

Initially, VPP starts a user-space networking stack process to handle network traffic. This allows VPP to consume limited resources in comparison to general-purpose data planes while still offering excellent visibility and performance.


Lightning-Fast Kubernetes Networking with Calico and VPP