Searching and sorting encrypted data

Searching and sorting encrypted data

Searching and sorting encrypted data. Towards secure cloud databases

Suppose one day, your boss walks into the office with a job for you:

Boss: I want you to sort an array of data

You: Ok! Give me the input and I’ll deal with it

Boss: I don’t trust you and my data are sensible for me

You: If you don’t want to give me the data how am I supposed to sort it?

Boss: I don’t know! Find a solution! That’s why I pay you 😤

How can you sort an array of data if you can’t have the data?

As with most problems where privacy matters, the answer lays in the secrets of cryptography.

One word about common encryption

I think all of us, as programmers, have used cryptography at least once in the software we wrote. Some may just enable TLS on a server, others may have written special encryption software. In all these situations you have some data you want to encrypt.

Most common encryption schemes like AES, RSA, etc. have one crucial property: they are semantically secure. What does this mean? Well, it’s about two player-game.


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