4 Best Open Source Text Editors for Developers on Linux

4 Best Open Source Text Editors for Developers on Linux

The first question of anyone who is new to code development on Linux is which is the best text editor. Here is the list of some of them

You may have liked the superior aspects of the Linux operating system compared to Windows and decided continue your code development over Linux. In this case, the first thing everyone does is to try to find the equivalent of the tools they use a lot in the operating system they are not very familiar.

For old Linux users who are used to using Linux via a terminal, the answer of best text editor question may be vi, vim, nano. However, there are very useful editors for Linux that also have a GUI.

1. VS Code

First, I wanted to start with Virtual Studio Code, which Windows users have preferred in recent years.

Supporting many different programming languages, having built-in Git integration, being enriched with hundreds of plugins, and offering debugging tools are just a few of the advantages.

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