How To Use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver?

How To Use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver?

How To Use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver? If you are still wondering about it then this article is for you. Let's explore it with us now.

Webdriver is a tool that requires no introduction in the Selenium automation testing domain. Webdriver is an open-source collection of APIs which is used for testing web applications across different browsers and platforms to verify whether it is working as expected or not. The latest version of Selenium – Selenium 4 is W3C compliant – however it is still in the Beta phase (i.e. 4.0.0-beta-3).

In Selenium 3, the JSON Wire Protocol is used for communicating with the web browser from the local end. In Selenium test automation with the Selenium 3 framework, API encoding & decoding is involved in the entire process since web browsers use the W3C protocol and the Selenium Client Libraries use the JSON Wire Protocol.

Selenium 3 Architecture

Selenium WebDriver allows you to communicate with various browsers to perform commands and assertions on DOM elements using which you can perform any kind of operations like sending the text, click on a button, select a radio button, select the drop-downs, etc.

However, there are scenarios where the actual Webdriver commands will not work efficiently as expected. This is where JavaScriptExecutor comes into the picture.

In this article, we will be discussing JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver. Also I will cover everything you need to know about how to use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium. Getting started with an overview, we will further dive into the implementation and explore different methods in JavascriptExecutor along with working examples.

Let’s get started!


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