Developers Guide: The Commonly Used IDEs for Node.Js Development

Developers Guide: The Commonly Used IDEs for Node.Js Development

Node.js has been growing increasingly in terms of popularity for the last 10 years. The main reasons for its features are its efficiency and data-intensive real-time applications. Also, it can handle contemporaneous connections when required for effective speed and performance. Many well-known high-tech giants are known to use its services. These names vary from the career-intensive website called LinkedIn to the coupon selling company Groupon. Paypal, Voxer, Netflix along with others is named that fall into the name of companies that are benefiting from its services. This explains the ample amount of opportunities in the job market, with many companies eager to hire developer’s adept at this technology. So, if you want to grab this opportunity and are intrigued by Node.js, you can try out the online tutorial for learning Nodejs.

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There are many IDEs out there. So, to help you pick the best one, here are our picks for the best IDEs for Node.js.

#1. Visual Studio Code

Even though it is released in 2015, Visual studio code has grown to be the undoubted winner environment tool. Visual Studio Code was voted to be the most popular development environments in a survey conducted by Stack Overflow. In the 2018 survey, it was seen that Visual studio code was used by more than 34% of 75,398 respondents who took part in the survey.

Visual Studio Code is also an open source that allows assistance for syntax, snippets, embedded Git Control, and course refactoring. It solves two of the greatest requirements of a passionate programmer; its availability for all major platforms and a lightweight text editor.

#2. Eclipse Che

Developed by the Eclipse enterprises, Eclipse Che is a cloud-integrated development environment which was released at the end of March 2016. This tool is primarily preferred by organizations possessing large teams. It is due to the factor that Eclipse is a cloud IDE. It also has an SKD for the creation of plugins and assemblies. Apart from that it also provides a plugin for tools, languages, workspaces, and frameworks. It exists in two modes; single user and multi-user. The former is meant for a PC environment while the latter is for organizations with developers working in teams.

#3. WebStorm

WebStorm is a product of JetBrains and a powerful JavaScript IDE. One of its most applauded features is its best coding assistance for HTML, CSS, React, Angular and a lot more. Along with that, auto-completion, smart-refactoring and smart code insights are a few of its other prized features.

#4. Atom

Atom is an open source IDE and carries modern code completion features. It comes pre-installed with four UI and 8 syntax customizable themes. Users can share their workspace and edit codes in real time with members of your team. It also allows you to work with Git and GitHub and also gives you built-in package management that assists you with having all the characteristics that are part of a modern JavaScript text editor.

#5. Brackets

Brackets is an open source software that is a product of Adobe. It is written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and it works on Linux, Window, macOS, and Microsoft. It’s extremely fast and also gives you the feature to switch between projects. Many advanced features such as live-code preview, a pre-processor support, inline editing and many more.


Hope you found this article helpful in choosing your ideal IDE for Node.js. If you feel that there are other IDEs that should be included in the list, let us know in the comments below.

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