Introduction to RDS Proxy: Exploring with Benchmarks in Go

Introduction to RDS Proxy: Exploring with Benchmarks in Go

A deep dive into the performance characteristics of RDS Proxy vs RDS

I was surprised when a customer wrote in to explain that he noticed - for simple queries - the Airtable API was about as performant as querying his  Sync Inc-provisioned Airtable database.

We'd expect a database query to be at least an order of magnitude faster than an API query. So I had to investigate: What was the explanation for this?

Airtable's API is pretty consistent and responsive, with a mean and median request time of 350ms:

This is about what you'd expect from a standard list request against a third-party API with 100 items returned per request.

So how could a database query get up to 350ms? A little digging, and we discovered that the customer was querying his database via a Lambda function. This meant opening a connection to his Sync Inc db before each query. A solid lead.

I wanted to see how much overhead the connection times were adding. So I wrote some simple benchmark functions in Go.

The timing for the benchmarking is handled by this simple function:

func timeTrack(start time.Time, name string) {
    elapsed := time.Since(start)
    log.Printf("%s took %s", name, elapsed)

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