Explain: Loops and iteration in Javascript

Explain: Loops and iteration in Javascript

Js Loop is saved the time and effort of the developer. For loop is a control flow statement for specifying the iteration to be executed repeatedly.

What is the use of loop in javascript

Loop executes the same code of block again and again. Loop is a control flow statement for specifying iteration, which allows code to be executed repeatedly. Repetitive task within a program to save time and effort.

Mainly javascript support 5 types of loops:






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For Loop

For loop is control flow statement for specifying an iteration. Which allow to execute code in repeated manner.

for(Declaration; condition; Increment / decrement){
    // Your Logic here
    // Statement

1) Declaration: It’s used for variable Declared or counter variable, Many developers said the scope of the loop as well.

2) Condition: Execution of loop is base on condition. If condition is true code is executed. Stop execution if the condition is false.

3) expression: Expression run after every iteration it might be Increment or decrement.

4) Statement: This is the body of for loop it executes if the condition is satisfied.

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