An Introduction to Static Site Generators

Websites can be of 2 types: static and dynamic. For static types, when user requests a file, server sends the file and user can see it. Every page is hand coded in html. In a dynamic type, When user requests, content is generated and server builds the page then sends it to the user. Generally managed by CMS like Wordpress or Joomla.

Top 14 Static Site Generators for Building Fastest Web Applications

The roots of the web as we know it are embedded in static sites. Those static ... If you want to build a static site, choosing a generator can be overwhelming at first sight. ... It is probably the fastest static site generator available at the moment. ... Scully is the best way to build fast Angular apps and static sites.

Hugo vs. Jekyll: An Epic Battle of Static Site Generator Themes

A comparison of theme nuances for the JAMstack’s top two static site generators

Static Code Analysis: What It Is? How to Use It?

Static code analysis is a method of debugging by examining source code before a program is run. It's done by analyzing a set of code against a set (or multiple sets) of coding rules. Static code analysis and static analysis are often used interchangeably, along with source code analysis.

A Static Site Generator in Python — Part 2

Converting individual markdown pages to html.