How to Get Started With React Router, In-Depth Explanation With Project

How to Get Started With React Router, In-Depth Explanation With Project

In react you can easily implement navigation using a package called React Router.

What will you consider most important for any application? don’t get intrigued okay. Just take a minute to think what’s the first thing you do when visiting a website. Mostly, looking around and clicking, by clicking on something it does some actions, right? Maybe take you to another page or show you some popups and so on.

My point here is, in any application there a is a bunch of pages to show different information that you can navigate to/from. e.g. you have a portfolio site to show off yourself, how’d you do that? probably the best way is to maintain several pages/components to show different information about you. such as about meskillsprojects etc.

Let’s say, you want it to build that with React js. You’d like the visitor to learn about you, it’s important to keep things organized, you don’t want them to be confused. Keeping your app sweet and simple is the key. One way to that is to break down your app into components. e.g. keep Home to give a brief introduction about yourself, then About usProjects, etc pages to show respective info.

But you got to use some kinda navigation system, right?

So, In react you can easily implement navigation using a package called React Router.

Getting started with React Router

We’re gonna built a simple routing project with react-router-dom.

application demo

To begin with, let’s create a react application using [create-react-app](

npx create-react-app app-name
cd app-name
npm start

After that, on another tab/ctrl+c on the current tab on your terminal, install react-router-dom using this command,

npm install react-router-dom

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