Coding Problem: Nth Fibonacci Number in Golang

Coding Problem: Nth Fibonacci Number in Golang

Do you know the optimal solution?

Do you know the optimal solution?

The Fibonacci sequence is one of the most famous patterns in mathematics. Each term is built from the previous two terms with two base cases to begin the pattern. The first base case value is zero, and the second value is one. From here, we can calculate any Fibonacci number using the following formula:


The Fibonacci sequence makes for a perfect question to test your fundamental computer science knowledge and coding skills. In this article we will go over three examples of how to calculate the nth Fibonacci number using the programming language Go while being as efficient as possible.

Note: This tutorial assumes knowledge of recursion and the stack data structure.

Let’s code!

A Recursive Solution — O(2^N) Time, O(N) Space

An initial naive solution is to directly translate the formula for the nth Fibonacci sequence into code. All we have to do are check if we are at a base case for n==1 or n==2, if not we recursively return fib() with the parameters n-1 and n-2. Seriously, this solution is clean and concise!

func fib(n int) int {
    if n == 2 {
        return 1
    } else if n == 1 {
        return 0
    return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2)

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