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Bootstrap’s Garbage Bin Overflows! Rewriting Their Blog Template As Vanilla Code

My article dissecting the “Tailwind Starter Kit” with a matching rewrite prompted some folks to ask if I could do the same to Bootstrap’s examples. Bootstrap is the tired old whipping boy, having stolen the crown of “eye cans haz teh intarwebs” from the mental midgetry that is jQuery well over a decade past. I feel like the subject of how mind-numbingly STUPID Bootstrap is a wee bit worn out, particularly when I recently did a hit piece about version 5. I mean, I’ve called it “bootcrap” for well over a decade since as I often say, people need to go find a stick to scrape it off with before tracking it all over the web’s carpets.

The very nature by which front-end frameworks do their thing — pissing all over the HTML using presentational classes dragging things back to the worst of HTML 3.2 and undoing 20+ years of progress — is so utterly flawed it’s hard to say anything nice about the entire concept.

That said, in the ~11 months or so since I wrote that I’ve had more time to work with Bootstrap 5, giving me more insights into it. And if people actually want to hear me go on about it more, I’ll gladly do so when it plays into my current theme of how bad examples results in people developing bad habits and writing bad code. Assuming they write code at all and don’t just blindly copy what others have done.

When it comes to bad examples, Bootstrap, Tailwind, and their kind doth have their cup runneth over. If if you’re learning from their examples — what examples are FOR — it means you’re learning bad habits making you a bad developer!

Actual Improvements In Bootstrap 5.

Before I start ripping the people who created it and those who use it a new bung-hole, I feel I should mention how they have made legitimate improvements to it. Even if the entire concept is flawed to the bone, at least they’re TRYING now.

  • Custom Properties, AKA “CSS Variables”
  • It Tells Legacy IE To Suck It
  • They’re Using Less JavaScript

So It’s Better? NO!

For the handful of “improvements” it’s still the same tired, lame, garbage. The various faults remain.

The Bad Examples

… has some really nasty code smell to it. A deathly stench that finds root in the simple fact that those who create and use frameworks do not know enough about HTML or CSS to be making websites.

So What’s Wrong With Their Blog Example?

There are many issues that if you just blindly copy the example could bite you, separate from the wasteful code and lack of proper separation of concerns.

Gibberish Heading Orders

I’m shocked how after nearly three decades of HTML tags having meanings, people STILL have their head stuck up the backside of the worst of the mid-90’s browser wars era presentational methodology.

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Bootstrap’s Garbage Bin Overflows! Rewriting Their Blog Template As Vanilla Code