6 Best Websites to Learn React.js Coding for FREE

6 Best Websites to Learn React.js Coding for FREE

List of free websites and online portals to learn React.js for FREE

If you want to learn Reactjs and looking for the best websites to learn React then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the 2021 React.js Developer RoadMap, and the best React.js courses, and books, and today, I am going to share the best websites to learn React for FREE and online.

If you don’t know, React.js is a Javascript library and open-source created by the Facebook development team used for building the UI or user interface for the front-end website.

It makes the interaction with your website so simple such as a single page application a mobile application, and dynamic components like the search bar are a component.

Most of the front-end pages actually contain many files such as HTMLCSS, and JavaScript and maybe more than that but with React you can combine all of that work in one file and making the website load much speedy.

Also, instead of rendering the whole page when you click on some component you actually render that component only so that makes it more powerful in terms of visual and losing speed.

Given the power of React.js and its popularity, most of the companies are using React.js for building their fronted or GUI. It makes a lot of sense to learn React.js for both beginners and experienced Java developers who want to become full-stack developers and these are the websites where you can learn React.js for FREE.

Top 6 Places to Learn React.js Online for FREE

Here is a list of the best places to learn React.js online for free, I have handpicked these resources with a couple of React and JavaScript experts.

I have purposefully chosen as few resources as possible but still with some options. Just in case if you have any other useful React websites which teach React development for FREE then feel free to suggest.

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