Ongoing Website Updates: 9 Major Issues to Monitor in an SEO Audit

Ongoing Website Updates: 9 Major Issues to Monitor in an SEO Audit

Regularly monitor website updates to ensure site mismanagement doesn’t cause issues later. Here's how to identify issues that can occur in the process.

Monitoring ongoing website changes is critical.

If you make sweeping changes that have disastrous consequences later, you want a paper trail you can go back to.

Either emails or ongoing spreadsheet tracking: if you make a change to the website like new content or sweeping technical changes, track it.

This way, you can figure out what, exactly, is happening later.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to monitor website updates on an ongoing basis to make sure that site mismanagement doesn’t cause issues later.

In this post, we will audit and identify major issues that can occur when it comes to ongoing website updates.

Site Uptime

In an SEO audit, identifying site uptime issues can help determine problems with the server.

If you own the site, it’s a good idea to have a tool like Uptime Robot that will email you every time it identifies the site as being down.

Site UptimeServer Location

Identifying the server location can be an ideal check to determine location relevance and geolocation.

How to Check

Using a tool such as or can help you identify the physical location of the server for a specific domain.

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