Object.getOwnPropertyNames() vs. Object.keys()

Object.getOwnPropertyNames() vs. Object.keys()

getOwnPropertyNames(a) returns all own properties of the object a . Object. keys(a) returns all enumerable own properties. It means that if you define your object properties without making some of them enumerable: false these two methods will give you the same result.

Quick Intro to Object.getOwnPropertyNames()

The Object.getOwnPropertyNames() method returns an array of all properties (including non-enumerable property) found directly in a given object




Object.getOwnPropertyNames() returns all keys of the object

[ '0', '1', '2' ]

Quick Intro to Object.keys()

The Object.keys() method returns an array of a given object’s own enumerable property names, iterated in the same order that a normal loop would




Object.keys returns the same output as Object.getOwnPropertyNames() because every elements in the obj is enumerable

[ '0', '1', '2' ]

Finally, Object.getOwnPropertyNames() vs. Object.keys()

Object.getOwnPropertyNames(obj) returns all the properties of the object. Object.keys(obj) returns _all enumerable properties. _They provide the same result unless you set enumerable: false to any property

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