Don't worry, Python Is Not Going Away!

Don't worry, Python Is Not Going Away!

At least not anytime soon! Let’s see why people think Python may be going away and what the actual data shows us.

In the last few months, perhaps a year or more, a lot of people started talking about how Python would be going away in favor of other newer programming languages like Julia, Rust, Go, etc. However today I want to discuss what the data actually show us and I’ll let you make your own conclusions (though, based on the title, you know mine).

Let’s get started with some of the arguments against Python.

What’s wrong with Python

There are a number of arguments against Python, and how other languages are filling that gap, or resolving some of the issues. Let’s see some of the arguments against Python.


Python is SLOW, it is well known that Python can’t perform side by side to programming languages like C++, Go, or Rust (among others), but sometimes speed is not all. Python may not be the fastest programming language, but with the right setups, libraries, and coding it can support wild volumes, process huge amounts of data. Don’t be obsessed with raw speed only, most of the time you won’t need it, and the simplicity of Python and availability of developers may well compensate for the lack of speed.


Even though since Python supports types with Python 3.6 - Typings, it is also true that while you can annotate a variable with a type to have better code completion on your IDE, Python would still handle that variable with dynamic typing without performing any validation. If you want to have type validation you are required to do it yourself, or even better, use a Python library like Pydantic.

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