7 Reasons You Should Try Go

7 Reasons You Should Try Go

Reasons, we stopped using Java and C#

Reasons, we stopped using Java and C#

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This article is written with 20+ years spent in development, 10+years actively writing in Java, 7+ years actively writing in C## and 3+ years actively writing in Go.

This article is a personal opinion.

This article advocates you, to try and use Go language.

1. Speed of development

When I am about to write a piece of software nowadays (and I can surely write it in all three languages), I will always choose Go.

I will write the final software in less time, using Go. The code is more readable, less abstract, more “to the point”.

When you are writing Go code, you are doing exactly what you should do. Writing the production code. You are not writing classes, subclasses, getters, setters and a bunch of code, that actually does nothing. When you are writing Go code, you are writing code, that does something. You are not writing code “for code itself”.

In the end you are writing less code, with less thinking about what it is doing, hence the speed of development goes through the roof.

Side note: From my personal experiences, code written in Go is the most straightforward to read, from those three languages. And I have got this tested. I wrote once a piece of software in C#, Java and Go, using theirs best techniques. And then I asked my three colleagues a simple question “What is this code doing?”. They were lost in Java and C## (being PHP developers), but I got the answers for Go with all of them.

2. Speed of deployment

This is the second most useful thing I personally like in Go. I tend to make changes all the time. And I like to see the results of those changes immediately.

Go code builds so quickly, I have no problem making changes, as many times, as I want. And I don’t care, how big the project is.

Also, deploying binaries for all three major operating systems? Piece of cake.

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