Lindsey  Koepp

Lindsey Koepp


Expanding ObjectRocket for MongoDB to AWS and GCP

Today we are proud to announce that we’ve expanded support for our hosted MongoDB offering into AWS and GCP clouds. This is an extra special announcement for us, because MongoDB expertise is a core part of our DNA. It was the product that launched ObjectRocket in 2012. Due to our history with MongoDB, bringing this service to AWS and GCP is a significant milestone and expansion of the ObjectRocket platform.

What’s New?

The simple answer is everything! Roughly a year ago, we began our transition to an all-new Kubernetes based hosting platform. That platform required a fundamental shift in how we operate and manage data stores, so we spent the last year fully rebuilding our MongoDB offering from the ground up. As with our other products we started with a Kubernetes operator of our own design. This new operator not only manages the standard features, but also paves the way for our next wave of enhancements.

Standard Features

As with our existing ObjectRocket for MongoDB service, with every instance we provide:

  • Dedicated containers and MongoDB instances: The MongoDB instance is dedicated to you and never shared with other users.
  • 3-node Replica Sets: You always get 3 identical nodes in a replica set configuration, with automated failover for high-availability.
  • Automated Compactions: Our platform automates compaction of your data to ensure you’re optimally using your provisioned space.
  • Robust Security: With every instance, you get TLS encryption, Access Control Lists, user authentication, isolated network namespaces, and encryption at rest.
  • Metrics Dashboards: Access to instance metrics dashboards is available on all instances
  • Automated backups with 2-week retention: Backups are always included with you instance and operate automatically.
  • ObjectRocket Support: It wouldn’t be ObjectRocket without access to 24×7 monitoring and support, backed by our team of engineers.
… With Some New Twists

You’ll get all of the features above, but there are a few new capabilities if you look another layer down:

  • Client Certificate Authentication: Though password authentication is still available, we’ve added the ability to authenticate with client certificates. Client certificates provide an extra layer of security when accessing your instance.
  • New DNS seed list connection strings: Our new instances use the mongodb+srv connection string format which points to a DNS seed list. This new format provides additional resiliency, flexibility, and enables new capabilities in the future.
  • More flexibility in compactions: Rather than a separate window for compactions and stepdowns, we now allow you to set cron-style compaction schedules.

Next Stop, Sharded Clusters

An extremely important part of our existing product is our sharded clusters and we want to bring that same feature to our new platform. Though we’re launching with replica sets only today, we’ve already laid the groundwork and will release our sharded clusters product very soon.

When we do launch, you can expect the same ease of use, flexibility, and support that we’ve always provided. However, it wouldn’t be a new launch without some new capabilities as well. Stay tuned to our blog and we’ll provide updates along the way.


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Expanding ObjectRocket for MongoDB to AWS and GCP

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GCP Vs AWS in 2021 - A Cloud Computing Face Off

The world of data analytics and technology have been dramatically altered by cloud computing. The two companies which are known for providing tremendous cloud computing technologies are- Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.
This artcile highlights the comparison between these big companies.

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Query of MongoDB | MongoDB Command | MongoDB | Asp.Net Core Mvc

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Install MongoDB Database | MongoDB | Asp.Net Core Mvc


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Seamus Quitzon


AWS Cost Allocation Tags and Cost Reduction

Bob had just arrived in the office for his first day of work as the newly hired chief technical officer when he was called into a conference room by the president, Martha, who immediately introduced him to the head of accounting, Amanda. They exchanged pleasantries, and then Martha got right down to business:

“Bob, we have several teams here developing software applications on Amazon and our bill is very high. We think it’s unnecessarily high, and we’d like you to look into it and bring it under control.”

Martha placed a screenshot of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) billing report on the table and pointed to it.

“This is a problem for us: We don’t know what we’re spending this money on, and we need to see more detail.”

Amanda chimed in, “Bob, look, we have financial dimensions that we use for reporting purposes, and I can provide you with some guidance regarding some information we’d really like to see such that the reports that are ultimately produced mirror these dimensions — if you can do this, it would really help us internally.”

“Bob, we can’t stress how important this is right now. These projects are becoming very expensive for our business,” Martha reiterated.

“How many projects do we have?” Bob inquired.

“We have four projects in total: two in the aviation division and two in the energy division. If it matters, the aviation division has 75 developers and the energy division has 25 developers,” the CEO responded.

Bob understood the problem and responded, “I’ll see what I can do and have some ideas. I might not be able to give you retrospective insight, but going forward, we should be able to get a better idea of what’s going on and start to bring the cost down.”

The meeting ended with Bob heading to find his desk. Cost allocation tags should help us, he thought to himself as he looked for someone who might know where his office is.

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