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Defi Post


Gamejet Blockchain Gaming and NFT Network.

GameJet Network Launches Registration and Referral Reward Program
· GameJet is ready to kickstart its registration and referral reward program to evenly distribute JET tokens.
· 50 JET is allotted as registration and the next 50 JET is assigned for referral reward campaign.
· Connect your Tron wallet (Tronlink) to withdraw your collected rewards instantly.
· Next schedules are in progress and will be deployed soon.
Quick Overview
GameJet is a platform designed to drive the power of blockchain technology within this gaming ecosystem. To achieve this, we are developing a platform to allows developers to earn funding by fusing GameJet into their games.
GameJet Network is basically a gaming and development platform built in order to allow players to buy games and in-game items with its native JET tokens. JET is a utility token built on the TRC-20 standard.
JET tokens allow the parent GameJet protocols to fully leverage the Ethereum ecosystem and feasibly integrate with the working infrastructure. JET tokens are available to use on the GameJet platform with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 JET (1B).
We believe to attain true adoption by merging scarcity (NFTs), decentralized finance (Defi), and entertainment (gaming) into a new space. As per the entire analysis, four main pillars to widespread adoption are Innovation, Mass Adoption, Security, and Regulation. Our future goal also includes:
· 20+ Games
· 1 MN Holders
· 20K+ Players
· 150+ DEVOPS
· NFT Market
· Big Community and Economy
On GameJet, the user can:
Play Games: Build blockchain to design, develop, and play exclusive games and reward developers and platers;
JET Economy: Hold JET tokens in the wallet to achieve the high price estimated to X50 in a year;
NFT Model: We present a marketplace for NFT games by increasing the use of JET token with partnered holders.
Jet Tokenomics
· Token Name: GameJet
· About GameJet: JET- a native token of GameJet blockchain gaming network to build a decentralized online gaming protocol.
· Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET token
· Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET token
· Platform: TRC20 Tron Blockchain
· Symbol: JET
· Contract: TRAuXHmxGYTM73ZuKQnAtSYTDuDMine1BJ
· Public Sale: 40%
· Liquidity Lock: 20%
· Initial Burn: 20%
· Transaction Burn: 20%
· Presale: 40%
· Devs and Marketing: 20%
· 5 Exchange Listing
RoadMap of GameJet Network
Q2 — Forming the company- GameJet website launch and whitepaper released to introduce the objective of the online gaming and blockchain community.
Q3 — Blockchain development- Creation of JET tokens on Tron platform with a total of 1 billion supply and 0.3 billion pre-mined.
Q4 — JET Token Exchange Listing- The platform lists its native currency in numerous leading digital asset exchanges.
Q1 — Partner with game developers- Interested game developers can easily send their game proposals to GameJet with a clear game concept and JET token integration.
Q2 — Sneak peek of games- Developers will release the game preview that are still under development to the GameJet community.
Q3 — Beta testing with investors- The GameJet team and JET investors will perform beta testing to sort out the possible bugs and errors.
Q4 — First game launch- GameJet will launch its first wave of games on the official platform, publicly accessible.
Bounty Program on GameJet Network
We have recently commenced the Bounty campaign on our platform to meet the required user base. This event has started on 12 June 2021. After the event ends, our team will eventually distribute the rewards every week.
9% is assigned for marketing purposes and 2.5% is allotted for the pre-listing bounty program out of 1 billion total supply. To claim free JET tokens, the user needs to complete the assigned tasks and submit their respective TRC20 address.

  1. Follow, like, comment, and RT at least 15 posts on the official Twitter account:
  2. Join, and comment about the project on the official Telegram account:
  3. Follow, like, and comment on the official Reddit channel:
  4. Follow, like, and comment on official Medium channel:
  5. Follow, like, and comment on official Facebook account:
  6. Visit, register, and refer to the official website:
    After completion, you can submit your TRC20 address, Twitter profile link, and Telegram ID here:
    · Avoid multiple accounts registrations
    · Do not spam, abuse, and insult any commentaries
    · Accounts with negative trust will not be eligible
    · The social media account must have at least 100 genuine friends/followers
    Registration and Referral Program
    GameJet provides simplified access to defi functions using blockchain features and is focused on the JET native token. We have launched the registration and referral reward program according to the feedback retrieved from the community.
    We are here to demonstrate that GameJet listens to the community and intends to give back to the people that are helping us grow in the most genuine form. 50 JET is allotted as registration and the next 50 JET is assigned for referral reward campaign. Connect your Tron wallet (Tronlink) to withdraw your collected rewards instantly.
    You can follow GameJet here: Facebook | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | Telegram | Website.
    Join us with the latest 50 $JET bounty campaign
    with registration and reference.
    Time is running!
    Register here : []
    Telegram: []
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What is GEEK

Buddha Community

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great project by just registering we earn free tokens best opportunity

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Antier is the strong pillar of NFT for gaming industry

Through Antier Solutions you can create your own marketplace and engage millions of users to invest in collectibles, art pieces, and all types of virtual properties with our outstanding NFT gaming development services.

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Games DApp

Games DApp


Matic Network in Blockchain Gaming

Matic Network is getting lots of attraction amidst the blockchain game developers. This is because, their competition has stepped away from the gaming scene. Matic - as a general purpose platform, capable of creating all types of DApps, and have already build 60+ DApps on Matic Network.

As a result Matic Network is busy gaining a lots of new gaming partners. They have already been integrated into many gaming DApps.

Key reasons why DApps chooses Matic Network

  • Near-instant blockchain transactions
  • Low Transaction fees >> less than 1/1000th of the fees on the Ethereum mainchain
  • Seamless migration for existing Ethereum DApps
  • Access to, and assistance with, a wide range of developer tooling.
  • Unparalleled technical support for developers.

If you have an idea to build your own Gaming DApp - you could benefit from matic network’s high-speed, low-fee infrastructure and our assistance to transform your DApp from a great idea into a successful DApp business.

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Games DApp

Games DApp


Build Blockchain Game in ICON network

Blockchain gaming has a massive reach and building games in cryptocurrency are a great investment. We all hear about cryptocurrency games in eth, eos, Tron and so on. Now icon networks also step forward to build games with icon currency (ICX).

ICON is a cryptocurrency platform designed to connect various Blockchain technology by allowing them to interact with each other via smart contracts. Developers define ICON as an attempt to build one global decentralized network that will embrace all the others. ICON has a lot of unique features not common to the other projects

These games are built with a smart contract that provides more security, transaction transparency and interoperability. Once the smart contract is written no one can able to change the format. This quality stimulates crypto lovers to invest in blockchain games.

If you are the one who gonna build blockchain games then find the perfect blockchain experts to fulfill your needs.

Gamesdapp who have a blockchain experts to implement the new ideas in dapp, render the output with all the user’s needs.

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Autumn  Blick

Autumn Blick


Blockchain Gaming: A Paradigm Shift in Economic Modeling

Mobile as a gaming platform has dominated the gaming industry. Nearly 51% of the global games market came from mobile. It is expected that by 2021, mobile games revenue will grow to 100 billion dollars. Today mobile game developers pay a commission of 30% for any lead from the app store (paid app) or in-game transactions.

In comparison, blockchain games and collectibles are a niche market with a unique economic model. One of the prominent catalysts for the digital asset game/collectible in blockchain was CryptoKitties. Launched in 2017 on ETH network, the entire scope of gameplay surrounded collecting, breeding and auctioning kitties. It created a new economic model for players where new game assets are created and sold to other players just like a regular cryptocurrency.

The most expensive CryptoKitties asset ever sold was for over $170,000 in 2018. As a result, many swamped the game to breed and sell virtual cats. The popularity reached a point that the Ethereum network slowed down massively due to transaction overload.

Today, CryptoKitties is now a larger part of “KittyVerse”, an extended realm of CryptoKitties consisting of several game developers. This community has developed several games that utilize the ERC-721 kitties as an asset in these games (e.g. Kitty Race), thereby extending the asset utility in other games and making the experience better for everyone.

Blockchain game economic model:

Since the evolution of CryptoKitties, many blockchain-based games have evolved and are beginning to display signs of future potential. To date, there are 750+ blockchain-based games/collectible dApps in existence across multiple platforms, source:

Blockchain game developers monetize their in-game assets in pre-sales / crowd sale and post-game launch, collect a small proportion of fees or royalties from each digital asset transaction (as illustrated below), thereby providing game developers a better ability to monetize their creations properly.

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