PHP Programming Tutorial | Online PHP Certification Training

PHP Programming Tutorial | Online PHP Certification Training

Knowledge of PHP, the most popular back end language on the web can be yours, all at $9! Supplement your knowledge of html and JavaScript and add value to your CV. This course from Simpliv will make you a lot more employable in the market. Begin to take strides in your development career!

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PHP is the stepping stone to your first professional development gigs

PHP is the most popular back end language on the web.

Companies like Facebook and Tumblr use PHP as their primary back end coding language. It's in universal demands, and, as a new developer you're expected to know you're way around the front end and the back end. That's where PHP comes in.

There was a time when a web developer could get away with knowing just HTML and some Javascript, but now as employers are looking for more value, you have to know more. PHP lets you access an entire world of backend databases, like mySQL which is introduced in this course.

FACT: With PHP knowledge you'll be able to complete more advanced projects and be more employable.

People ask all the time: What's the best past to becoming a professional developer?

People going in to web development need two types of technical knowledge. First, they need to know how to manipulate content in a browser. That's where HTML5 and Javascript come in. But they also need to be able to interact with backend systems like eCommerce systems, databases and content management systems.

With PHP, developers:

Create systems by which data can be stored and retrieved in a database Interact with eCommerce systems facilitating sales, credit card processing and shipping all over the world Create complex content and customer management systems customized for industry use. Create plugins and customizations for the most the most popular content management systems in the world, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla (all of which are written in PHP!) Who is the target audience?

New developers who want to add PHP to their tool aresneal Web Designers who want to start writing code Teachers and students Current developers who need to learn PHP Basic knowledge Successful students in this course have a working knowledge of HTML Successful students in this course can work with web browsers to navigate the internet This course works on Mac or PC or even Linux with a few modifications What will you learn Set up a PHP Web Server Integrate PHP with HTML code Call PHP Pages from HTML Use the echo() and print() functions Integrate HTML with echo() and print() functions Declare and use constants Declare and initialize PHP variables Understand the type of values held in PHP variables Use arithmetic operators to perform math functions Use comparison operators to make logical comparisons Understand basic if statments Create complex if statements which facilitate multiple outcomes Use the PHP switch statement Work with while loops. Identify when a do while loop is appropriate and use it Code a for loop Create simple arrays Use a for...each statement to loop through an array Create associative arrays Understand and use multidimensional arrays Identify and use the superglobal arrays included in PHP Use string functions to manipulate strings Convert strings to arrays and vice-versa Use hashes and encryption to enhance application security Write simple functions Write functions that take arguments and return a value Read and write text files to the server Read, write and parse CSV files Set, read and delete cookies Create sessions Pass session variables between PHP pages Expire sessions as required Send plain text and HTML emails using PHP Use a database to create a complete CRUD app Store data in the database Retrieve data from the database Modify and delete database data To continue:


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