Software Engineer Interview Preparation Strategies for College Students

Software Engineer Interview Preparation Strategies for College Students

A Step by Step Guide for College Students to Crack their Dream Company

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Placement Season is here and there are a lot of students confused over how they should start preparing for Job Interviews. In this article, I provide a step by step preparation guide for students to tackle job interviews.

Step 1: Develop your Skills

Find the skills that interest’s you the most and a job role that you would love doing. For example, if you are aiming for a Software Engineering job learn skills like Web Development, Android Development, etc. Check the job description of the company and that particular role to check whether your skill set matches the job description.

Step 2: Prepare a list of Target Companies you wish to work for

Create a list of 10–15 Companies who are looking for people with your skillset and you think would be good for your career growth. Start Connecting with employees of those companies on Linkedin and find guidance from them.

Networking is a very important part of job search and Linkedin is a great platform that helps you get connected with potential recruiters of that Company. Linkedin can also help someone to connect to like-minded people, be part of a community, create and share resources, etc.

Step 3: Create a Resume

A Resume is an important part of any job interview process which tells the interviewer about your skills, achievements, experience, and career highlights. It is very important to match your resume with the job description of the Company you are applying for. A resume should consist of a Summary or Objective, Education Details, Work Experience, Projects, Skills and Achievements, Extra circular activities, and your contact details.

Companies nowadays use an Applicant Tracking System to filter candidates and make Recruiter’s job easy. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that finds keywords from a resume and matches it with the job description. Many free Resume templates can be found online and there are many websites that can create a resume online, for example,,,, etc.

Step 4: Start Applying

Go to the Careers page or search for the Company’s Career page on Google and check for Fresher’s position and apply. Or else you can reach out to Hiring Managers on Linkedin and get a referral. There are other job portals like,,, etc. where candidates can register with their details and resume and start applying.

So these were the general steps that students should follow while preparing for Job Interviews. Now let me provide you a detailed way of how the Interview Process takes place in College Placements and how students should prepare.

College Students can get a job in their Dream Company in these ways:

  • Pre Placement Offer through Internships
  • On-Campus Placements
  • Off-Campus Placements

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