SaaS with Firebase. Pros & Cons After 2 Years

SaaS with Firebase. Pros & Cons After 2 Years

I created a small, but profitable one-person SaaS app with 4k+ monthly active users based on Firebase and want to share the experience.

Like many developers, I always wanted to build my own small SaaS app, which can be an additional source of earnings. Two years ago I created MVP based on Firebase, GCP, and Angular. Each month I do some updates and add new features. Now more than 800 teams use my app on regular basis and I want to share my experience with used technologies.

First of all, I want to say, it’s not a comparison between different web platforms. There are lots of articles about them. My article is more like a retrospective in the format “Pros” and “Cons” after 2 years as I launched

The topics to be covered:

  • Storing data in Database
  • User authentication
  • SEO and Server Side Rendering
  • Documentation
  • Libraries and SDK
  • Back-end

Storing Data in Database

Databases in Firebase are the most discussed topics. Because they have really a lot of pros and cons.

Firebase has 2 types of DBs:

  • Realtime database
  • Cloud Firestore

One of the most significant differences between them is pricing.

1-st DB billing based on traffic, 2-nd DB — depends on the number of reads/writes. It’s very important to clearly understand when and what you should use. Because developing an online game or chat with Cloud Firestore is a huge mistake and wasting of your money, but with a Realtime database, it will be very cheap, maybe even for free.

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