Getting Started Faster with Git and GitHub

Getting Started Faster with Git and GitHub

In this episode, Robert is joined by Samit Jhaveri and Sachin Hridayraj, who show how to innovate at scale with Visual Studio and GitHub by securely bringing open source code, community and best practices right inside Visual Studio and your workflows.

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Visual Studio Code | How to use git and github

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Git It? How to use Git and Github

Learn how to use Git and Github 🐙🐱 Contributing to open-source is satisfying on many levels. Not only does it validate your skills for recruiters, but it leads to higher quality software that empowers developers to build better products. But submitting your first pull request on GitHub can be intimidating. The goal of this guide is to give you a clear set of steps for contributing any OS project

Git vs GitHub

Git vs. GitHub will help you understand the differences between Git and GitHub. What is Git? What is GitHub? Commands in Git. We will have a look at the basics of Git and GitHub. We will see some accessible commands used in Git, followed by a hands-on demo that shows the implementation of those commands