Kubeflow is More Accessible than Ever, with MiniKF

Kubeflow is More Accessible than Ever, with MiniKF

Get started with the best Machine Learning platform for Kubernetes in 10 minutes. The Kubeflow project is dedicated to making deployments of machine learning (ML) workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable and scalable.

A Machine Learning project usually consists of multiple, interconnected steps: data acquisition, data processing, data modelling, fine-tuning, testing etc. Each of these steps can be a separate process, running at its own cadence, with clearly defined inputs and outputs. Thus, data scientists and ML engineers tend to think these projects like pipelines.

Kubeflow Pipelines, a component of Kubeflow, are here to address this design pattern. Moreover, Kubeflow is here to assist you during the complete lifecycle of your ML project: experiment and metadata tracking, framework-agnostic training, Jupyter servers, model serving and many more.

But how can we deploy a Kubeflow instance to get started with it? Should we create and maintain a Kubernetes cluster?

Well, there is a better way to get started: MiniKF. Just like minikube_, _MiniKF provides a single-node Kubernetes cluster with Kubeflow deployed on top. So, let’s see how to set it up!

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