DevOps Enterprise Summit 2020 Showcases a Work

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2020 Showcases a Work

Thomas Limoncelli, Daniel Maher, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais shared very valuable at the recent DevOps Enterprise Summit. Here comes our recap of the event.

Thomas Limoncelli, Daniel Maher, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais shared very valuable at the recent DevOps Enterprise Summit. Here comes our recap of the event.

We're in a time where our meetups, conferences, and hackathons have moved virtual, and while we may not get the same experience, we still have the opportunity for learning and networking. I recently attended the DevOps Enterprise Summit, a three-day mighty behemoth of presentations, interviews, and discussion. Presenters shared real-world problems and how DevOps provides a framework to problem solve, change company culture, and ultimately drive forward customer satisfaction and financial benefits for all concerned.

Sure, there were plenty of deep dives into critiquing the theoretical foundations of DevOps - and the linguistics and semantics of DevOps were heavily discussed, as speaking spent time defining theories and frameworks. But if you're the kind of person that likes to focus on meaningful outcomes and see how things work (or don't work) like me, an enterprise conference is an excellent opportunity to hear people talking about their own experiences in their own company, sharing case studies and more.

Transform a High-Context Environment Into a Low-Context Environment

Thomas Limoncelli is SRE Manager at Stack Overflow. He gave an interesting talk about the differences between high and low culture and the value of documentation. He shared a story from his first week at Stack Overflow:

"I still remember my training as I asked how to create a virtual machine. We use a product called VMware, and my mentor walked me through the process. It involved five very complicated steps; it wasn't written down, just verbally passed on from one system into the other. I asked how anyone could memories this? The response was 'Well, we just kind of expected that anyone who would get through our interview process would just know how to do this kind of stuff.' I remembered thinking how could I be expected to know all of that?

The day involved a call from the boss. Thomas and his mentor had made a mistake in their work, demonstrating that even an experienced staff member was unable to memorize everything.

What is a High Context Culture?

A high context culture is one where:

  • Communication is informal, less documented, and involves collective history. 
  • People have to read between the lines to understand what's going on.
  • More assumed knowledge.
  • It relies on long term traditions and practices such as family gatherings where people know how to do things and what to expect.

What is a Low Context Culture?

In a low context culture:

  • Communication is explicit; you are told the rules, knowledge tends to be codified, public, external, and accessible.
  • There are more interpersonal connections of shorter duration.
  • Knowledge is often more transferrable.
  • Examples of a low context culture include airports and sports with established rules.

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