How to Make a UX Design Using Psychological Principles

How to Make a UX Design Using Psychological Principles

Human psychology plays a vital role in great UX design. How does the psycological principles influence a ui ux design process?.

Human beings are rational animals, but emotions also play a vital role in their decision-making. We usually tend to be at places that make us emotionally happy. The feeling of trust is significant for humans when they are about to purchase something. Trust and reliability are the two factors that help humans make crucial decisions.

When it comes to business, the same matters; in the old school method of in-shop purchase, the customers could interact with the staff, see the product, have an emotional connection, and decide to go for it or not. But now, in the digital world, people tend to do things online. So the same trust factor and reliability have to be there for the website.

The emotional factor of humans is a significant thing to be taken care of while designing a website. The way the website is presented, the colors used, how easily you can find items, etc., are the emotional factors to be considered while designing a website. In this blog, we will discuss more the emotional elements to be considered in UI UX designs.

The Relevance of Human Emotions in UI UX Design

Improves User Engagement

When we visit a website and see engaging content, the time we spend on the website increases. It also depends on the emotional connection you can create with the user. For example, you are searching for the best dog food; you land on a webpage that sells dog food. You see an interesting video of a dog happily eating the snack, and you liked it. You spend more time on the web page, and you build an emotional bond with the brand.

The content depends on the kind of service you are offering for the product you are selling. When the designer adds an emotional touch to the website, it makes the content better.

The Bounce Rate Decreases

As the customers develop an emotional bond with the website, they will spend more time, which decreases the bounce rate. A web page with content that can create an emotional bond with the user tends to have lesser bounce rates as the user will spend some time to see the content.

The moment a user lands on a web page, they will know whether to stay on the page or not. The theme of the page, the arrangement of menus, the pictures, all of these talk to them. If they are pleased with the whole page, the users will stay to check the website.

Prevent Bad Experience

If the website successfully creates an emotional bond with the user, it can turn the bad experiences into good ones. You found a website that serves you the way you want, you will come back to it just for the occasion; a beautiful UI, responsive design, or good customer service can be the factor. Small technical glitches can be hidden in these emotional bonds.

So it highlights the importance of emotional connection even more. It is vital to develop the page according to the customer's liking.

More Emotional Connection With User

The more emotional connection the user has with the website or application, the more chances they will come back to you. The benefit here is you can get loyal customers even without seeing them. The essential factor is to create that emotional link with the customer.

Some Real Life Examples

When your phone battery is about to die, it makes a sound, turns all read, symbolizing it is about to die. You can relate to this as something is about to end, and you have to take some action immediately. So you have the immediate call to action, that is, to plug in the charger.

The screen shake that happens when you enter a wrong password. It is similar to the head nod humans do when something goes wrong.

One classic example of turning bad experiences into good is the dino game google play when there is no internet. People immediately click on the dino and start playing the game. You can continue playing until the connection comes back. It is an elementary yet brilliant idea to turn a bad experience into a good one.

The above three instances are examples of ux psychological principles. It helps to create an emotional connection with the user and the instant.

The Bottom Line

The user experience is heavily dependent on the kind of emotional connection the user has with the website. It can be the colors or pictures or something else. If the customer can connect with the website, they will be happy with the experience. They will come to you for the same service or product. You can get loyal customers through this emotional connection.

The ux psychological principles work very well. The user can tell about the website the moment they land on the page. If the page is too crowded or takes too long to load, it will affect the first impression. The users want to see smart pages with minimal menus and seamless navigation. Also, it is essential to follow the latest UI UX design trends.

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