Top 6 Critical Challenges of Cloud Computing in 2021

Top 6 Critical Challenges of Cloud Computing in 2021

Cloud spending was at $24.65 billion in 2010, $80 billion in 2010, and will surpass $150 billion in 2020. 67% of enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based by the end of 2020. 83% of workload will reside in the cloud by 2020. Top 6 Critical Challenges of Cloud Computing in 2021.

As we enter a crucial phase of the industrial revolution, where remote-work, BYOD, and CYOD has taken precedence without warning, tackling the challenges of cloud computing has never been more important. To provide context, digital transformation was set in motion thanks to the big data revolution. However, data democratization is almost impossible without the cloud. 

Simply put, today, if start-ups, small-scale and medium-scale enterprises can thrive, the only reason is Cloud. One of the challenges of cloud computing is being able to allow smaller ventures to also enter the AI, VR, ML, and data analytics arena, as companies can rent infrastructure without having to flame out in capital costs.

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