How to make a living as a UI/UX designer.

How to make a living as a UI/UX designer.

Designers are creative thinkers making design their part of life.

What a designer do? Just Creative Thinking

The art of creative thinking today needs no introduction. Creative thinking plays a very significant not only in Profession life but in Personal too. For a creative designer, you have to have a piece of complete knowledge about what you are making, the characteristic which makes it different from others.

There is a proverb “We humans cannot make anything from nothing”. You will be more creative when you start thinking about and viewing different ideas.

To become a designer you have to make designing a part of your life and think in a creative way. It is just an introduction carry on and you can learn everything.

Passionate about Designing, Want to be a UI/UX Designer? Then read on. Building a website or app without designing makes no sense.

The Tech Industry is booming nowadays and a lot of people are diving into it to get most out of it. Before a decade there is no responsiveness, animation, UI (User Interface)/UX(User Experience) designing for Website and Apps.

But today the industries are focusing on designing rather than coding. Due to this many platforms such as Webflow, WordPress, Supernova is rapidly growing. Similarly Figma, Behance is on their peak.

Who is UI/UX designer?

UI/UX designers is a person or group of persons who is responsible for designing a Website/web pages or Application(Apps) without any code.

They are booming right now.

From top companies to small are hiring designers from all over the world. Many career options, too much salary, and many more.

Step 1: Make an Environment suitable for Designing.

To succeed in your job or business you must be genuinely interested in other people their interest. Learn from other designers their designing skills. View their design on a popular platform like Dribbble.

Reach out to them and ask for at least half an hour's time for an interview if possible. When you are done reach out to other famous designers to know about their designing skills, ask them about all of the doubts which are running on your mind, the experiences, the difficulties they have faced. Be well prepared before interviewing a top designer.

For to become a UI/UX designer you have to think as a designer does, practice every single day, learn various techniques, love to implement it. “No one can become great in a single day” the same thing applies to it, first surround yourself with the designing environment.

Starting reading books, news, latest blogs, watch videos, articles, subscribe to top designers channel, or maybe platforms to get the latest updates and to surround yourself with this.

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