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Top 10 Crypto Airdrop Platforms for Free Earning

In this article, you'll learn What is Crypto Airdrop, Different Types of Crypto, How to Find Them and  Top 10 Crypto Airdrop Platforms

1. What is a Crypto Airdrop?

Crypto airdrop is a marketing strategy adopted by crypto startups to promote the project and their new token. It involves distributing their native cryptocurrency to current or potential users' for free. Sometimes, users have to complete simple promotional activities before they can claim, such as following the project's social media account and sharing their posts.

There are different types of airdrops, and each crypto project has its own requirements. But most airdrops share the same goal: increase awareness and overall interest in the project. Some are done directly into users' wallets, while others require a manual claim.

Why do crypto projects perform airdrops?

As mentioned, blockchain projects give out free tokens in an attempt to gain wider adoption and grow their network. A higher number of holders is often seen as a positive metric, which also makes the project more decentralized in terms of token ownership. Crypto airdrops also motivate recipients to use and promote the project. This can help cultivate an initial user base before the project lists on crypto exchanges.

On the other hand, airdrops might also give a false impression of growth. So, it's important to consider other factors when evaluating adoption. For example, if hundreds of thousands of addresses are holding a certain token, but no one is really using it, then the project is either a scam or simply failed to captivate the community.


• It makes it simple to get started with cryptocurrency.

• Crypto airdrops could be a way to bolster one’s crypto portfolio without having to buy digital assets.

• Airdrops are an excellent way to raise awareness of the company’s goals and increase ownership of the virtual currency.


• Crypto airdrops can be pump-and-dump schemes. That is, owners of the cryptocurrency could be artificially inflating its value in order to make a quick profit.

• Risk of giving money or sensitive information to a fraudulent platform.

• The price of the airdropped coin could drop before you have a chance to sell.

• Some airdropped assets could just as easily be worth nothing.

Types of airdrop

As we've seen, there are different ways to conduct a cryptocurrency airdrop. Apart from the standard airdrop that simply transfers crypto to several wallets, we have a few other types. Common examples include bounty, exclusive, and holder airdrops.

  • Standard Airdrop: This is the type of airdrop just mentioned, where users receive free tokens just for signing up for a newsletter or something similar.
  • Bounty airdrop: A bounty airdrop requires users to complete certain tasks, such as sharing a post about the project on Twitter, joining the project's official Telegram, or creating a post and tagging a few friends on Instagram. To claim a bounty airdrop, you'll likely be asked to fill out a form with your wallet address and provide proof that you completed the tasks.
  • Exclusive airdrop: An exclusive airdrop only sends crypto to designated wallets. Typically, the recipients have an established history with the project, such as being an active community member or an early supporter of the project.
  • Holder airdrop: Holder airdrops distribute free tokens to those that hold a certain amount of digital currencies in their wallet. The project team usually takes a snapshot of users' crypto holdings on a specific date and time. If the wallet balance meets the minimum requirement, recipients can claim free tokens according to their holdings at the time of the snapshot.
  • Hard Fork Airdrop: This one is a little different. When a coin hard forks from its original blockchain, a new coin gets created, and those who held the original coin will receive an equal amount of the new tokens in their wallets. The most well-known example of this would be the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork that occurred in 2017: Bitcoin users who held BTC received an equal amount of BCH automatically.

How to get a crypto airdrop

  1. Performing regular searches online for crypto airdrop opportunities
  2. Following airdrop aggregators and signing up on their website for their exclusive airdrops
  3. Signing up for new platforms to take advantage of any standard airdrops they offer
  4. Holding a certain different token—a subtype of airdrops referred to as “holder’s airdrop.”
  5. Monitoring up-and-coming projects to prepare for bounty airdrops
  6. Joining a Telegram group,
  7. Following certain Twitter accounts and retweeting their tweets

How to avoid airdrop scams?

In other cases, scammers will announce a fake airdrop that leads to a phishing website. They will trick you into connecting your wallet into a website that looks very similar to the original one. As soon as you connect your wallet and sign a transaction, you will have other tokens taken out of your wallet. This often happens with fake Twitter and Telegram accounts that look very similar to the official ones.

Some airdrop scams include asking you to send crypto to an unknown wallet address to unlock your free tokens in return. Legitimate airdrops will never ask for your funds or seed phrase. Be careful with airdrop emails or direct messages.

To avoid being scammed, make sure to look into the project's official website and social media channels. Bookmark the official links and double check if they are really doing an airdrop event. If you don't know anything about the project, you should do extra research to find out what the crypto community is saying. If you can't find enough information, it's probably better to just ignore the airdrop. 

For extra protection, you can set up a new wallet and new email address dedicated to receiving airdrops only. This can ensure that the funds in your personal wallet are safe from airdrop-related phishing attempts. And most importantly, never share your private keys with anyone.

Crypto airdrops involve users receiving something for virtually nothing—an email address, or some social media promotion. But while some recipients have gotten lucky enough to be the first movers in an airdrop that actually had value, many others have also fallen victim to lofty promises of the “next big thing” in crypto.

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2. Top 10 Crypto Airdrop Platforms for Free Earning

Owing to the risks associated with airdrops, it is imperative to rely on viable websites and channels that have a reputation of not only broadcasting the latest airdrops but also providing information, which might help you research tokens. 

Trust from statistics on platforms

  • The Reputation:

 Reputation is an important criterion that you ought to research. You get to determine the website’s propensity to broadcast fraudulent giveaways. You can check popular crypto forums and an unbiased review website like ours to access information regarding the integrity of airdrop sites.

  • Showcase the Latest Offerings: 

You should opt for platforms that know the importance of providing the latest airdrops to users, that verify the disparities between the time the airdrops feature on the website and the date when startups officially announced their giveaways. With this, you can gauge how long it takes the channel to update its users on new airdrops.

  • Information Regarding of Startups:

It is imperative to only consider airdrop websites that offer details of startups and the use cases of their tokens, the short overviews accompanying these airdrops announcements are the ideal bedrock to base your research on.

You need choose airdrop channels with extensive details about the parties involved in the giveaways and provide links to sites and social accounts, where you can verify their credibility.

  • Experience of The Website

For a website that houses a lot of information and updates itself regularly, its design, layout, and infrastructure ought to allow smooth navigation, boost its loading speed. Provide fast and visually pleasing for its users.

Top 10 Crypto Airdrop Platforms for Free Earning

 Name FeaturedWebsite
1CoinmarketcapCoinMarketCap is well known for showing the best crypto airdrops. There are three types of airdrop campaigns listed on CoinMarketCap: completed airdrops, current airdrops, and prospective airdrops.

While “ongoing airdrops” allow users to participate, airdrops in the “future” category allow users to be notified when the airdrop goes live. Simply add the airdrop to your whitelist and you’ll be notified hours before it goes live

On CoinMarketCap's lists of airdrop campaigns, you'll find three categories: ended airdrops, ongoing airdrops, and future airdrops. While users can participate in "ongoing airdrops," the airdrops in the "future" category let users have the chance to be in the know when the airdrop goes live. You can simply whitelist the airdrop, and you'll get notified hours before it goes live.
2Airdrops.ioAirdrops.io is a free website that collects information about crypto airdrops. It is free to use and has no involvement in the airdrop projects or distribution whatsoever. 

The domain is 1 year and two months old, but the site's activity began only in March 2018. Since then, more than 20k airdrop enthusiasts have visited the website each month. 

The website has a huge volume of airdrops on its page. And while its creators strive to provide you with accurate data on offer, it is important that you do your research before investing in any airdrop. 
3ICODropsICO Drops is an independent initial public offering (ICO) or token sale database and is not affiliated with any ICO project or company. Fees may be gotten from advertising certain token sales.

With ICO Drops investors can get access to projects before they are launched and listed on exchanges.

Initial public offerings (ICOs) and initial exchange offerings (IEOs) are listed on ICO drops in three categories: Active ICO, Upcoming ICO, and Ended ICO. And each ICO has information about the project and ratings attached to them.
4AlertAirdopWith AlertAirdop, you can get free coins almost on daily bases. Its many features make it much easier for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to follow.

Just like the 99airdrops.com, this platform is also well designed and arranged. The airdrops featured on the site can be filtered based on current or ongoing events to those ending soon.

Much more, this crypto airdrop platform has way more features compared to other airdrop platforms.
5AirdropsterThe main purpose of this platform is to notify airdrop enthusiasts as soon as possible about the free token.

Their email alerts are quite beneficial as you can get alerts of the new airdrops available in the market through email directly in your inbox. Their main vision is to help the user find the best quality airdrop available in the market.
6AirdropMobAirdropMob is well known for providing its users verified and legit airdrops and crypto bounties. For some of you who don’t know what crypto bounties are let us get you through this? Bounties are a small task that is performed repetitive i.e. posting on social media, filling out forms, and making content.

They manually personalize all crypto airdrops. This platforms also give access to their user to report airdrops with incomplete information, looks suspicious, and are not proved by the communities. The blockchain project manually checks all the data of the hosted airdrops before publishing them on the website.

They facilitate their user with a wider range of tokens. The website provides a helpful search bar that enables the selection of coins according to the requirements of the token company.
7AirdropBobThe AirdropBob website is easy to understand and intuitive. The moment a user decides to visit the website for the very first time, they are instantly provided with a list of cryptocurrency airdrops.

At the top of the page, you will be able to see the logo of AirdropBob, and next to it, you will be able to find the navigation bar.
8Airdrop KingAirdrop King provides well-researched and detailed cryptocurrency airdrops for crypto enthusiasts, helping them make money with minimal effort. Unlike the other three, Airdrop King goes the extra mile to rate each option and provides enough information to help you get the best out of any airdrop.

Airdrop King categorizes the airdrops into New, Best Rated, High Values, and Ending Soon. You can easily spot the worth (price estimate) of each airdrop published on the site. Airdrop King also lets you subscribe to its newsletter. 
9Airdrop KingThis platform provides users with the well-researched and best airdrops in the market to get rewarded and make money out of them in no time with little effort. 

They rate every airdrop listed on their website with instruction to make it for the user as easy as possible.
10Coin AirdropCoin Airdrop is a dedicated site that’s regularly updated to give top airdrop announcements. Its clean interface gives users all they need to know about upcoming events and also information about claiming airdrops as well.

New users to cryptocurrencies are not left behind, the site not only share airdrop opportunities but also educates new users to the cryptocurrency world adequate knowledge that makes them catch up with the rest of the world as quickly as possible.

The platform is owned and ran by a cryptocurrency enthusiast known by the name Midas. You can support this platform by mining cryptocurrency for them with your computing power.
11AirdropaddictThis platform also makes the list of top trusted platforms where you are assured of accurate airdrop releases.

The platform uses a ranking system to rate top airdrops and also separates the untrusted airdrops.

It’s hard to miss out on any event as the countdown timer brings to your notice how much time is left to start.
1299AirdropsEither you are a newbie or an expert this platform helps you in every way that it can. It only shows valid projects by analyzing the different platforms such as Reddit and Facebook to ensure the authenticity of the airdrops.

The website offers a wide listing of airdrops along with their future price forecasts depending on the different factors. This platform is available exclusively 24 hours a day for its users to facilitate. The layout and design of their website are appealing and easy to understand for newbies.


Each day hundreds of airdrops are making their way in the crypto market and the number is increasing day by day. There is no doubt that airdrops are currently the trend settlers in the crypto market but as the community is growing more and more frauds and scams are increasing.

In my opinion, airdrops are here to stay in the market and we can encourage new and productive airdrops based on how legit and reliable they are. This is an outstanding way. In the end, it is necessary to do your own work of researching and avoiding the projects that are scam and have no real-world implementation, no members, etc.

Hopefully, this article will help you. Don't forget to leave a like, comment and sharing it with others. Thank you!

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Top 10 Crypto Airdrop Platforms for Free Earning

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0:00 - Introduction
00:17 - Crypto Affiliate marketing (my strategies)
00:41 - Walkthrough of the Coinbase refer a friend program
01:38 - Walkthrough of the Coinbase official affiliate program
03:38 - Crypto lending using BlockFi (up to 8.6% APY)
04:21 - Walkthrough of BlockFi’s website and interest rates
06:34 - My BlockFi dashboard and earnings
07:43 - Bitcoin mining
10:14 - Staking
10:40 - Taking you through crypto.com’s staking rewards page
12:22 - How much I have made and outro
📺 The video in this post was made by Charlie Chang
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Top 10 Trending Technologies Must Learn in 2021 | igmGuru

Technology has taken a place of more productiveness and give the best to the world. In the current situation, everything is done through the technical process, you don’t have to bother about doing task, everything will be done automatically.This is an article which has some important technologies which are new in the market are explained according to the career preferences. So let’s have a look into the top trending technologies followed in 2021 and its impression in the coming future in the world.

  1. Data Science
    First in the list of newest technologies is surprisingly Data Science. Data Science is the automation that helps to be reasonable for complicated data. The data is produces in a very large amount every day by several companies which comprise sales data, customer profile information, server data, business data, and financial structures. Almost all of the data which is in the form of big data is very indeterminate. The character of a data scientist is to convert the indeterminate datasets into determinate datasets. Then these structured data will examine to recognize trends and patterns. These trends and patterns are beneficial to understand the company’s business performance, customer retention, and how they can be enhanced.

  2. DevOps
    Next one is DevOps, This technology is a mixture of two different things and they are development (Dev) and operations (Ops). This process and technology provide value to their customers in a continuous manner. This technology plays an important role in different aspects and they can be- IT operations, development, security, quality, and engineering to synchronize and cooperate to develop the best and more definitive products. By embracing a culture of DevOps with creative tools and techniques, because through that company will gain the capacity to preferable comeback to consumer requirement, expand the confidence in the request they construct, and accomplish business goals faster. This makes DevOps come into the top 10 trending technologies.

  3. Machine learning
    Next one is Machine learning which is constantly established in all the categories of companies or industries, generating a high command for skilled professionals. The machine learning retailing business is looking forward to enlarging to $8.81 billion by 2022. Machine learning practices is basically use for data mining, data analytics, and pattern recognition. In today’s scenario, Machine learning has its own reputed place in the industry. This makes machine learning come into the top 10 trending technologies. Get the best machine learning course and make yourself future-ready.

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Germany was the first country to recognize #Bitcoins as “units of value” and that they could be classified as a “financial instrument.”

Legal regulation for the decentralized industry in Germany is ongoing. Now, 16% of the German population 18 to 60 are #crypto investors.

These people who own #cryptocurrencies or have traded cryptocurrencies in the past six months.

41% of these #crypto investors intend to increase the share of their investments in #crypto in the next six months. Another 13% of Germans are #crypto-curious.

They intend to invest in #cryptocurrencies too. Yet, only 23% of the #crypto-curious said they are highly likely to invest, with the rest remaining hesitant.

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