Top 10 Features For Your E-commerce App

Top 10 Features For Your E-commerce App

The e-commerce industry is booming at an unprecedented pace with the rapid growth in the number of Smartphone users. The explosion of e-commerce has drastically changed the buying habits of consumers over the last few years and is growing.

The evolution of mobile apps has revolutionized the E-commerce business by providing an extremely convenient user experience.

Here is a list of top must-have features to build an irresistible e-commerce app for your business

Promote Personalization

It is mandated for every e-commerce business to provide an excellent user experience within the mobile app. The user looks for flawless navigation along with a smooth and personalized experience while going through a shopping app. Therefore, it is vital to maintain an engaging and interactive user experience by including customized features that support the needs and preferences of the consumers.

Hassle-free Registration Process

Most of the users are not fond of filling a long and complicated sign-up process, and many apps require a lot of data (information) for the registration process. Keeping the entire shopping process simple right from sign-up to checkout makes it convenient for the user. The simple registration process with an Email ID or mobile number keeps your users hooked up and get them through the checkout process.

Easy Search and Filtering Options

Typically, e-commerce apps consist of thousands of products listed under hundreds of different categories. Multiple advanced search options along with precise filter options, help customers to discover their favorite products speedily and efficiently. Having such a feature is a great way to build exceptional customer experience.

Wishlist Button

Wishlist is one of the essential features for every Ecommerce apps that provides an opportunity to convert your potential customers into real ones. When users are not willing to make an initial purchase, they can bookmark the items they wish to purchase. Enabling this feature allows you to notify them about the offers on the products that are in their wish lists.

Automated Push Notifications

The push notification feature is the easiest and efficient way to inspire users to get back to your store. Also, incorporation of this feature into mobile e-commerce apps has resulted in great success for some of the renowned e-commerce business. Promotion becomes easier for fresh arrivals and discount offers on the products with the help of push notification.

Feedback System

Customer feedback is the most crucial aspect of every business. Allowing your users to provide feedback on your app helps you make critical decisions. The feedback from users can help you gain insights about the products and improvement ideas.

High-Resolution Photos and Videos

People love to see the different scenarios where the product would be the best fit. Showing realistic images and videos allures users to make a purchase decision. Also, optimized product photos should be used for faster page load.

Similar Products

Seeing the “You Might like This” causes a happiness hormone release signaling excitement and curiosity. The “Similar Products” features allow customers to dive in and indulge in related products of their interest and preference.

Ratings and Reviews

Most of the consumers read reviews and buy products that have more than four or more stars. The users must be allowed to rate and review the listed products for the improvement of your business.

Quick Checkout

The convenient and more straightforward checkout option is a must for every e-commerce business. This feature allows the user to complete the order with the pre-registered details of the user’s profile, which includes information such as shipping address, contact number, and more. Hence, Quick checkout feature ensures to complete the transaction with the minimal requirement.To conclude, a retail business owner must consider the listed top ten features for developing mobile e-commerce apps to enhance the customer experience. It makes online shopping a much seamless, enjoyable, and engaging process. Hence, you must consider choosing a leading  eCommerce app development company

 that gives you the power to ideate, plan, develop, and launch a robust e-commerce mobile app for your business.

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