I Made A Map Of Every Panda Express Location That Has Eggplant tofu

I Made A Map Of Every Panda Express Location That Has Eggplant tofu

TLDR: I made a map with every Panda Express location in the USA that serves Eggplant Tofu.

TLDR: I made a map with every Panda Express location in the USA that serves Eggplant Tofu. This post was inspired by Rashiq’s brilliant reverse engineering of the McDonalds API.

If you are vegetarian you already know that Panda Express is a magical place. My go to meal — a Panda Bowl with Eggplant Tofu has been a STAPLE in my diet for the past decade. However, after going to college in Arizona, I learned that not all Pandas are created equally. Some locations DON’T HAVE EGGPLANT TOFU! While this is a much bigger problem, if you’re curious about which locations do serve Eggplant Tofu, then follow along.

Things I learned about the Eggplant Tofu Distribution

  1. Of the 1,984 Pandas Express Locations I scraped, only 157 of them had Eggplant Tofu. Only about *8% *of Pandas have Eggplant Tofu 💀

  2. Northern California is a goldmine for this stuff

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