Ruby on Rails Tutorial for Beginners

Ruby on Rails Tutorial for Beginners

Learn the Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails in this full course / tutorial. The course is designed for new programmers, and will introduce common programming topics using the ruby language.

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Want to learn about Ruby, the language specifically designed to make developers’ lives easier? Spend some time with the experts, and do just that! See how forgiving and easy-to-use the syntax is, even for beginners. Plus, get to know Rails, a powerful, open source web application development framework that scales easily and is written in Ruby.

In this demo-rich course, build and publish a widget for Visual Studio Team Services dashboards. See what the Rails framework is and the basics of its implementation. Explore test-driven development (TDD) and MVC, and find out with CRUD means and how RESTful routes enable it. Join us, and learn all about this useful language created by a programmer for programmers.

1 | Introduction to Ruby and Rails

Learn from the experts how to build and publish a widget for Visual Studio Team Services dashboards.

2 | Objects and Classes

Walk through the code behind the widget in great detail to see the nuts and bolts of this widget.

3 | Ruby Syntax

Learn about the basic syntax of Ruby when writing code.

4 | Test-Driven Development

Explore the basics of test-driven development (TDD).

5 | The Rails Framework

See what the Rails framework is and the basics of its implementation.

6 | RESTful Routes and CRUD

Find out what CRUD means and how RESTful routes enable it.

7 | TDD and Capybara

Build the app again, but use TDD and Capybara.

8 | Logging In and Registration

See how to manage logging in and registration of users.

Post-Course Survey

Complete the post-course survey.

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