How to Fetch Data in React from a GraphQL API

How to Fetch Data in React from a GraphQL API

Learn How to Fetch Data in React from a GraphQL API. This article was dedicated to showing you a number of different approaches to effectively fetching data from a GraphQL API with React.

Let's go through the five best ways that you can fetch data with React from a GraphQL API.

While there are a couple of popular libraries which are made to interact with GraphQL APIs from a React application, there are many different ways to fetch data with GraphQL.

I've included code samples that show you how to fetch or "query" data in the shortest code possible and how to get up and running with each of these different methods of connecting React with GraphQL.

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Getting Started

In these examples, we'll be using the SpaceX GraphQL API to fetch and display the past 10 missions that SpaceX has made.

Feel free to use the code below if you are attempting to connect your React app with a GraphQL API. In these examples, we're going to go from the most advanced GraphQL client library for React to the simplest approach to querying a GraphQL endpoint.

react graphql api

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