Golang Json Conversions - Built-in Json Library in Go

Golang Json Conversions - Built-in Json Library in Go
Today’s Golang tutorial video is all about the built in Json Library in Go programming language. We will go through the purpose of Json in Golang, how you will write a Golang Json, and any other things that you need to know to fully understand Json in Go/Golang. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
0:39 Struct
0:55 Unmarshal a JSON string into a Go object
5:13 Marshal the Go object into a JSON string
8:37 Debugging
9:36 Outro

#golang #golangdojo #golangninja

#golang #golangdojo #golangninja

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Golang Json Conversions - Built-in Json Library in Go
Fannie  Zemlak

Fannie Zemlak


What's new in the go 1.15

Go announced Go 1.15 version on 11 Aug 2020. Highlighted updates and features include Substantial improvements to the Go linker, Improved allocation for small objects at high core counts, X.509 CommonName deprecation, GOPROXY supports skipping proxies that return errors, New embedded tzdata package, Several Core Library improvements and more.

As Go promise for maintaining backward compatibility. After upgrading to the latest Go 1.15 version, almost all existing Golang applications or programs continue to compile and run as older Golang version.

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Encoding JSON from GO | JSON in GO | Golang Tutorial

Encoding structured data:
JSON in GO Programming. Simple Go program using JSON.
Golang Tutorial video.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a simple data interchange format. Syntactically it resembles the objects and lists of JavaScript. It is most commonly used for communication between web back-ends and JavaScript programs running in the browser, but it is used in many other places, too
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#json #jsongolang #golang #go

Brandon  Adams

Brandon Adams


What is JSON? | JSON Objects and JSON Arrays | Working with JSONs Tutorial

In this video, we work with JSONs, which are a common data format for most web services (i.e. APIs). Thank you for watching and happy coding!

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What is an API?

JSON Google Extension

Endpoint Example

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Dynamic JSON in Golang | Golang Tutorial JSON | Golang Tutorial

A Simple Example to show How to Unmarshall A Dynamic JSON in GoLang.
Dynamic JSON Example in Golang
Install Package :go get github.com/Jeffail/gabs
Gabs is a small utility for dealing with dynamic or unknown JSON structures in Go. It’s pretty much just a helpful wrapper for navigating hierarchies of map[string]interface{} objects provided by the encoding/json package. It does nothing spectacular apart from being fabulous.

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#golang #golangjson #go #json

Converting GoLang Structs to JSON

If you’re struggling with understanding how GoLang reads JSON you will need learn these tips to navigate quickly to be productive. Here are a few tips to use when working with JSON within the programming language Golang.

JSON-to-Go UnMarshal Function in Go?

Data := make(map[string]interface{})

var data = `
  "array": [
  "boolean": true,
  "null": null,
  "number": 123,
  "object": {
 "a": "b",
 "c": "d",
 "e": "f"
  "string": "Hello World"
if err := json.Unmarshal([]byte(data), &Data); err != nil {      panic(err)   }

You’ll be able to print this GoLang (Go) Struct using the following code below.

fmt.Printf("%s", jsonMap)

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