Is Virtual Reality the Future of Productivity?

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Productivity?

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Productivity? How machine learning algorithms can improve virtual reality—and our ability to WFH.

Recently, Facebook — a leader in virtual reality systems — teased a video of a virtual reality headset emulating a new work-from-home experience. In the 8 second long video, Facebook showed off their vision for how people could work from home using technologies such as Oculus and Passthrough. Experiences such as this can define a new age of technology, one with an emphasis on machine interaction in a human environment.

Machine learning can have a large impact on our usage of VR. Models such as neural nets and image classification can help increase the quality of our virtual reality systems to make them more realistic and reliable. Combined with world-class hardware, using machine learning in virtual reality systems can help us stay more productive at work.

How VR enhances productivity

If we use a virtual reality headset, image classification algorithms can detect areas in our workspace to inject elements we can interact with such as meeting toggles or markdown features. Instead of shifting focus from the task at hand, we can easily mute our microphone or switch tabs. These interactions can also become more subconscious.

If virtual reality integrates eye-tracking software to measure a vector of where the user’s eyes are looking at, then we can create even more areas where people can interact with their surroundings artificially.

Examples of this could include instantiating more informational elements around a user’s workspace as their eyes shift from place to place. These elements could automatically recede into the background or fade away when a user’s attention is shifted.

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